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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oppa I know it now~

So BEAST! Annyeonghaseyo, urinnun BEAST-imnida!
They suddenly appear in IPG KBA! What are they doing here? I got to be one of the staff, working for them. All 6 of them were as hot as ever. I had to entertain The Beast tantrums. Yes, Yong Junhyung... I had to fetch everything he needs. When I said everything, it means everything. His Coke, Shades, Shoes and his Nike Caps~ Though I'm in love with him but I didn't expect that he would that cold. He never look at me, never talk to me directly. He keeps on asking his Stylist to tell me what to do. So sad indeed. It was morning again. He got no schedules thus, he and the other BEAST members can roaming around IPG KBA. I had to follow them. The other five chat with me, and I guess they know me better. They know that the fact I'm In Love With Him. We walked around and suddenly their fans chased us. I was so slow at running that suddenly someone grab my hand. We run together, then I realised it was Junhyung-oppa. I smile to myself thinking that I'm going to cry now. He finally make a move to speak with me. I guess. We reached to a place where no one could found us, the Sport Storage Room. We both hide in there. Then suddenly his phone rang...
"Yah! Where are you? Are you with her?" Ask someone.
"Yup, She's with me. Don't worry, we'll be fine. Anyway call me when it's calm again." Said Junhyung-oppa.
"Oppa..., who is that?" I stuttered.
"Dujun, maybe he's lost," He chuckled a bit. 
Then he look at me and getting closer. Suddenly he whisper. 
"Just talk to me comfortably, I'm not as cold as you think."
"Seriously? Okay! Oppa, would it be okay if I touch you?" I ask out of curiosity.
"Yup, just do what ever you like, don't be a stranger with me. Even if I'd said nothing just acts that way, cause I'll know"
"Okay! Deal, don't push me away!"
Starting from then, I told him everything about me. How is my current life, how many friends do I have, which subjects I'm taking, which classes I'm going. My favourite colors, books, songs, my past relationship which shock him a bit, my fears and also my likes. He already knew that he's my favourite member. So, he listen to my story till suddenly his phone rang again. He didn't picked it up. 
"Picked it up, it might be urgent."
"Nope, not until you finish telling me about yourself."
"I'm done. So picked it up." smiling at him.
"Fine, Hello? Dujun-ah?"
"Yah, where are you? It is clear now, let's go for dinner. Bring Izzati too."
"Izzati? Who's that? What's that?"
"Yah! Her name is Izzati, you idiot!" Looking at me afterwards.
"Okay, will do. But are you sure she's mine? She seems so innocent!"
"I'm not telling you to have sex with her! It is for your own good, she loves you, and you WILL too. So don't worry."
"Fine. I'm hangin' off then. Erm, do you have korean name?"
"Hum? Yup it's Jang Hyunji."
"Jang? Not gonna use Yong? You're my fans rite?"
"Yup, but then if I used Yong that's mean I'll be your family member instead of..."
"Stead of? Why Jang? Hyunseung already got younger sister."
"Jang Geun Seuk and Jang Woo Young-temune. I'm also their fans but not as hard as yours."
"ahhh Geunseuk-hyung. Wait! You know Hangul?"
"Erm, now lets go!" I grab his hand and we walk out of the storage room. We went to Seoul Garden in Kerinchi for dinner. I wanted to sit next to Yoseob but he pulls me close to him then he say it.
"You are not allowed to be near them." pointing to his members
"Hyung! She's our friend first!" Said the Maknae.
"Yah, Dongwoon! Let him be!" Said Dujun-oppa.
"Hyunji-ah kimbab mogolle?" Ask Junhyung.
"Erm. Kimbab tto gwenchana, Oppa nun?"
"Same with you then, drinks?"
We acted like we were thinking, then we say it out loud. Together~
"Coke!" then we laughed~ We didn't realise that the were people watching..
"Wait, you know her Korean name? Hyunji? What is the surname?" Asks Hyunseung...
"Jang~" Said Junhyung~
"Wow! She's mine then! Junhyung let her go!"
"Andwae~ She's not using yours. It is originally from Geunseuk-hyung and Wooyoungie~ Your's is not invited"
"Bwoh? Izzati... Chinca?"
"Oaaa Oppa, anni... aish ottoke~ Jae-oppa! Wae irreoke? It's the same letter anyway, Seungie-oppa, Of course I would like to be in your family. Don't worry kayh~"
"Yah! Don't lie to him~ You're mine!"
"Yah! Who told you to lie to me huh? Yong Junhyung?! She even called you Jae-oppa!?" said Hyunseung -oppa, Gikwang was so shock that he bursted out his drink hitting Dongwoon's face.
"Are you two serious? Jun-ah, its your real name. No one has called you that..." said Yoseob
"Chonmal? no one?"
"Yup, no one. Only Jang Hyunji aka Wan Nor Izzati Binti Wan Mohd Bashar is allowed."
I was stunned upon hearing him saying my name. It's my full name!
The next following days, we all became closer. I went to Jae-oppa hugging his well build up shoulder, clinging to him a like a bird. Everyone stares at me. But only I know, what he feels about it. The other 5 members laugh at our progress. It had been a week and they will fly home to Korea this evening. Before they left, we decided to play a game. Hunt and the Hunter. I paired up with my BFF Adenin Thenyn Rahman and we went to search for the things. Jae-oppa back off saying that he's not going to play. The theme was Important Things.
As the two of us walking around, we were staunt by a cave like room, in the middle of the Triangle Bermuda here In IPBA. We both went into it and to our surprised the door closes itself. Suddenly someone is rushing in, and it was Junhyung. In his hands was the gift that I gave to him earlier. A Manga named 'Aku, Dia dan Pustaka Biru'. He said, "Stay here, they will pull us out."
Both me and Adenin were shock. We finally realised that the game was not meant for us, but for BEAST members to realised their precious thing. Junhyung's is me.He asks me to sit next to him and eventually he puts his head on my shoulder and read the comic. Suddenly a bug came out of nowhere, and all three of us screams. Mine was the loudest.
"Kak Ti buang la bug tuh," Said Adenin asking me to get rid of the bug.
"Dear~ Kalu kam0o takot, ak ngan mamat nie apetah lagi." Saying that both me and Junhyung are more afraid of it. Adenin stands up and get rid of the bug. We both smiled thinking that there's no threat anymore. Adenin smile watching us this way. While he rested his head on my shoulder, his reading became slower. I took the book from him and said,
"Oppa, you can sleep, I'll read."
"Erm, just sleep. I'll wake you up when they come for us, Promised!" Pulling out my pinky and guided his to twine with mine. He falls asleep immediately, but his hug was tighter. He keeps on mumbling, 'don't worry, I'll be back, I'll be back.... I'll be back, I'll be back... Kak Ti 7.30 dah! Kak Ti 7.30 dah!'
HUH!!! What!! A dream! God! I woke up this morning smiling all the way. Yes I dreamt again about Junhyung-oppa, and this one is THE best!
Saranghae Oppa, seeing you in dreams make me happier ever!

Now it is time for you to sleep, my Beastly Husband! Love You!
Don't forget to dream of me. (Teehee!)
To my readers, just wanted to share with you my happiness today~ will remember this date forever! 
[24. März 2011]


  1. I dream of Doo Joon once.. hehe

  2. huhuuu~ so excited after I woke up that morning~ hoping to dream of him again~

  3. wah..daebak giller la dream nyer...hrp dpt dream mcm tu gak..hehe


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