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Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Many, yet Too Less TT

I need M.O.N.E.Y to continue living! RM600 for my Examination, RM275 for Digi Broadband, RM33 for our Gathering, RM800 for LG Lollipop, and yes RM+++ for daily food for two months. Huuu Too Many to pay, Too Less I have. I already receive RM500 from my parent for the Examination. Settled for that, but where can I find RM275 for My Internet and where to get them fast? I need to work but when will I have time to do the Homeworks and works at the same time? Can anyone please tell me how to do this, how to settle this? I don't need million to have a peaceful life just need enough to go by it... Sadly, I'm to afraid to work behind my parent's back... What to do? Need money urgently~ How immature for me to wrote all these. I'm 21 yet have financial problems? GOD I need to do something bout this. Guys if you're reading this, give me some ideas on how to improve and manage my financial~ I need to be good at it, fast! I tried to calculate and buy things that I desperately need but still it gives me big problems. Wanna have enough money just for a good crazy life but not getting any nearer to it. I didn't go to SS3, will not be going for BigBang+2NE1 and also will not even try to go to JYJ's, so how? BEAST aren't coming here during this time around so I got lots to spare.. But how to keep it real? Okay shall I pay RM175 first, and in May I'll pay another RM175 wow! That's scary! Oh My Financial Ministry, and Education Ministry... Why can't you help me with the Examinations and the books? Okay I know, in stead of my small problems, you guys got even BIGGER things to handle. I understand but... I'm having the times of my life where I desperately need it. I should have spare it earlier~ yeah I get it, it is actually my fault~ Thanks but no Thanks then...


  1. i wish,i've lots of money to help you but i also in state of "pokai"..huhu.(but still manage to buy online 'cd u r man' for my beloved hubby who keep nagging all my cd collection doesn't have his one n only fav song 'u r man' + 'dvd special concert u r man' for me ~coz it got eng sub)...this is my suggestion - broadband just byr 1 mnth,nnt dh kene block br byr lg separuh,ok? for gath,only rm33,mampu kan nak byr? forget about LG lollipop first,x pnting (take note for me also,I NEED IPHONE 4!!!!! ~ sbr nadia,ade rezeki beli.huhu) for daily food? pity my dear so-called cousin..wanna go shopping with me tomorrow?i'll buy you 'biskut kering,meggi mee,3 in 1,whatever u want'.it's all on me!

  2. lOVE u unnie~ hmm ngalir ayer mate bce~ heheee~ nnti kiter thinks bout it again~ maybe sbb tension study tertulih psl duet~ anyway good idea bout broadband~ okay LG leh tunggu~ makan n exam first~ Thank sis LOVE YA!


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