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Sunday, February 27, 2011

BEAST 500th days after Debut!

Today is the day!!! 27 February 2011.
  1.  I wish the boys will be the B2ST ever!
  2.  I wish they will always be healthy. 
  3. I wish they get enough rest. 
  4. I wish they will always be happy.
  5.  I wish they will never get hurt.
  6. I wish that they will be together forever
  7. I wish they will have a long life.
  8. I wish they will always be in a good relationship.
  9. I wish they will come to Malaysia twice a year.
  10. I wish that I can say 500 wishes today for them.
  11. I wish that BEAST will be World Star.
  12. I wish that BEAST will be going to more Variety shows.
  13. I wish that They will always stay the same.
  14. I wish that I can see them everyday.
  15. I wish that BEAST will have 500 songs
  16. I wish that I can collect everything bout BEAST
  17. I wish that I can learn Hangul faster so that I can talk to BEAST
  18. I wish that BEAST will found out about this 500 wishes
  19. I wish I can do this in one hour
  20. I wish BEAST can see how mush I love them
  21. I wish BEAST can always sing as good as they always do
  22. I wish that They will win Mutizen awards everyweek
  23. I wish Gikwang will win best new supporting actor
  24. I wish Doojoon will win also the best new supporting actor
  25. I wish Hyunseung has Twitter
  26. I wish Dongwoon will be more active in Variety Shows
  27. I wish Yoseob can sleep while travelling
  28. I wish Junhyung will be my husband
  29. I wish Junhyung will compose more songs
  30. I wish Yoseob will be the best Male singer
  31. I wish Hyunseung will be the best dancer
  32. I wish Dongwoon will be the cutest Maknae
  33. I wish Doojoon will be the BEST leader
  34. I wish Gikwang will be the best entertainer
  35. I wish BEAST will have 50000000000000 Fans
  36. I wish CUBE Ent. will released Welcome and Welcome Back to BEAST Airlines DVD soon.
  37. I wish that BEAST will be known all over the world
  38. I wish that they will have a good time in Japan
  39. I wish that I will be able to finish this Post!
  40. I wish to sing all BEAST songs everyday non-stop
  41. I wish to have all BEAST stuffs
  42. I wish that I can turn back time and go to BEAST 1st Showcase in Malaysia
  43. I wish I have known BEAST longer than I live!
  44. I wish that I'm a korean so that at least I'll have a chance to meet them anywhere
  45. I wish that BEAST can sing to ME OASIS
  46. I wish that it is not YET late to say I Love You BEAST!
  47. I want to hear Junhyung say 'Nan Niga Jeil Joha'
  48. I want to hear Gikwang call me 'Beautiful'
  49. I want Yoseob say this to Junhyung " take care of my girlfriend (say No)"
  50. I want to stop my SOOM whenever Junhyung says this I'm sorry
  51. I want to get Shock everyday
  52. I want to be Junhyung's Bad Girl
  53. I want to be Hyunseung's Mystery younger Sister
  54. I don't want to be in Lightless when Dongwoon cries
  55. I don't want to Breakdown when Doojoon got hurt
  56. I want to be in Lights Go On Again whenever Gikwang calls my name
  57. I want to Thank You BEAST for being there, always
  58. I want to be that Special as I'm Clenching My Fist Tightly
  59. I will let people says BEAST is THE BEST
  60. I will let BEAST Mastermind me with all of their charms
  61. I want to V.I.U (very important You) to all of the BEAST members
  62. I won't let U go When This Door Closes
  63. I will Let It Snow so that we can cuddle all night long!
  64. Just Before Shock I will let Junhyung knows how much I love him
  65. I won't be EASY on antis, or people whose hurting ma BEAST Boys!
  66. I want to be there when They cry or laugh
  67. I will stay as BU2ty till they told me to stop
  68. I won't stop even they told me to stop
  69. I will love BEAST 4ever
  70. I will repeat these 100 wishes 5 times to make them come true
  71. So now I will have 5x100 wishes for my BEAST boys
  72. I will prepare better next time to celebrate BEAST 1000th days
  73. I will work hard and be with BEAST next time they come to Malaysia
  74. I will buy all albums when I got enough money kekeke
  75. I will buy all the T-shirts that I think Junhyung will Love
  76. I will buy all the Shades that Junhyung will like
  77. I will help Junhyung to have a room filled with Hats
  78. I will makesure to buy 6 tees for the bOYS
  79. I will buy all of the boys stuffs so that they'll be closer to me
  80. I will never leave BEAST no matter what!
  81. I will be the very BEST B2UTY BEAST has ever seen
  82. I will try to go to all My B2utys gathering!
  83. I want to say I love You Yong Junhyung 5 Times a Day
  84. I want to dance all Beast's songs and create my own moves to their songs
  85. I want to be able to write letters to them
  86. I want to see them sleep when they got some rest
  87. I want them to love all Bu2tys as much as we love them
  88. I want to dedicate this 100 wishes times 5 to BEAST
  89. I will go to Korea and go to your concerts
  90. I will go wherever U go to show you that I love you!
  91. I want to be U'r no.1 Bu2ty whether U like it or not kekeke
  92. I won't let others hurt BEAST
  93. I won't let Bu2tys do stupid stuff that are going to suffer BEAST
  94. I want to get marry to Junhyung for eternal life
  95. I want to kiss that delicious lips of yours Yong Junhyung
  96. I am left with 4 WIshes
  97. I wish that BEAST will last the longest
  98. I wish that I will be able to stay with BEAST as long as live
  99. I wish that I can see Junhyung abs~
  100. Lastly... I wish that I have 5 klons of mine to takecare of all 6 BEAST boys from harm!
with this I'll bid my goodbyes!
another 400 wishes are wished by my Bu2Tys family! But not gonna told U coz it is theirs!

BEAST HAppy 500th DAys and I love You!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

~BEAST SHOCK Jap. Ver. Lyrics and Romanization~

SHOCK (Jap. Ver.)

Every day I just can't control
Every night the loneliness my love
(So beast in the cube)

Can’t breathe, like freeze 내 몸이 굳어가
Can’t breathe, like freeze nae momi gudeoga

Hey dear, stay here 내 눈이 멀어가
Hey dear, stay here nae nuni meoreoga

No way losing my way 넌 왜 멀어지기만 해
No way losing my way neon wae meoreojigiman hae

아프기 싫어 난 깊어만 간 마음은 어떡하나
apeugi sirheo nan gipeoman gan maeumeun eotteokhana

今 は 何 も 聞こえない
imawa nanimo kikoenai

どんな 光も 見えない
donna hikarimo mienai

oh 君を 失ってから
oh kimio usinattekara

何も 手に 付かない 俺
nanimo teni cheukanai ore

止まってく 終わってく
tomaatteku owaatteku

俺さえも 消える
oresaemo kieru

目を閉じて 思いだした
meotojite omoidasita

君は 白く 霞む
kimiwa siroku kasumu

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

I’m sorry 君を 取り戻したくて
I’m sorry kimio torimodositakutte

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

行くなよ こんなにも 苦しくて
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte

Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy

氣が 狂いそうな この 果てない shock
kiga kuruisonna kono hatenai shock

Hey ya, wake up 정신차려 보면 너는 곁에 없어
Hey ya, wake up jeongsincharyeo bomyeon neoneun gyeote eobseo

Oh lalalalalala 미친 사람처럼 웃고 있어
Oh lalalalalala michin saramcheoreom utgo isseo

그리움이 파도 치는 바다에 매일 허우적대
geuriumi pado chineun badae maeil heoujeokdae

난 못해 (forget you) 평생 이렇게
nan motae (forget you) pyeongsaeng ireoke

こんなにも 苦しいなら
konnanimo kurusiinara

君を 放さず 居ただろう
kimio hanasajeu ittadaro

oh もう 一度 そばに きってよ
oh moo ichido sobani kitteyo

叫びは 闇へと 消える
sakebiwa yamieto kieru

胸の奥 刺さる君 
munenooku sasarukimi

思い出せば 苦しい
omoidaseba kurusii


時を 止め 
tokio tome

まだ 前に 進めない
mada maeni susumenai

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

I’m sorry 君を 取り戻したくて
I’m sorry kimio torimodositakutte

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

行くなよ こんなにも 苦しくて
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte

Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy

氣が 狂いそうな この 果てない shock
kiga kuruisonna kono hatenai shock

あの 夢で (夢)
ano yumede (yume)

君の 声聞
kimino koe(koe)



俺と 別れ 君が 幸せなら
oreto wakare kimiga siawasenara

苦しみに 耐えるよ
kurusimini taeruyo

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

I’m sorry 君を 取り戻したくて
I’m sorry kimio torimodositakutte

Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)

行くなよ こんなにも 苦しくて
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte

Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy

氣が 狂いそうな この 果てない shock
kiga kuruisonna kono hatenai shock

This song is not over

Get Shock!


my music..♫

Thank You dear for the lyrics~ They are so good with everything! No wonder we're BU2ty are growing, bigger n better! I used to love Jpop songs so much, but now I need to remembered the old things again~ A bit hard to pronounce the words now kekeke~ What I love the most bout this Version is that ALL 6 LOOK so HOT! Wanting to eat them alive kekeke~ I need to calm myself so that I can memorize the song perfectly as I do once for the Korean Ver. Loving both Ver.!!! 

It seems like Yong Junhyung will always be this CUTE! But then~

He came in XING with a way that I have never expected! Poppin Dragon! And now...

After such a long journey! He came as the JOKER for ASIA no.1 BEAST!!!

Love him, love JOKER, Love Bu2Ty n of course I LOVE BEAST!!! Wanna stay in their world forever, n wanna always be there for them. Asia TOUR 2011! Here I come!!! I will be at the VIP seat and U will recognize me kekeke~ (like that will happen!!)

My new Collections of Wallpaper~ [SELF MADE][BEAST/B2ST]

I was always interested in making Wallpaper, Though It is not as good as I think kekeke~ I just thought that I should at least unleashed some of my work~ Hope You All Like It!
As A Token Of Appreciation To My Beloved BEAST! Uri Joker! 

I Wanna Be There So Much!

I Hope That We Will Be Together, Though Rough Times Come, We Will Be Tougher~

Just A Cute Recap Of The Boys Cute Pose!
Yong Junhyung, U Do Know That I Love U, right?

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wae? Nan Yeppeojji? kekeke~ Aaahhaaahhaa~

U r sure is a JOKER, my Love! Maknae! Stop being so cute! Leader!!! Aigoo Uri Leader!

Is it possible for the members of B2ST to make an embarrassing facial expression?

On February 24th, leader Doojoon shared photos of himself with Junhyung and Dongwoon wandering the streets at night. He wrote,“We really walked around till we had no regrets… The remaining three passed out back at the hotel…”

Despite their attempts to make ‘bizarre’ facial expressions, fans were reluctant to believe that the members could look anything but cute.

They wrote, “Did you take that picture to try to be funny? So cute!,” “I like whatever you do~,” and “If you keep walking around late at night, the nunas will capture you!”

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit to Allkpop

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hate U~ Need to Run Away Now~

Oppa I need U to be with Me now~ T_T
I'm having headache now, due to lack of food n rest I guess~ heheee~ 
But U know what my precious, I'm in despair~ Why can't say it that I really hate it when people say something bout my life? Are they feeling that happy when they manage to change someone? Whether I sleep in the class, didn't wash myself more than once, or even didn't sort my things in order, it's my life isn't it? Do they really need to say it in front of the other superior people? Oh GOD~ crying again~ I'm afraid that I might be the old Joit again~ the one that stop her friendship with her friends coz her friends are actually making fool of her during classes... NO I hate that girl! I hate that Joit, coz she is a very selfish girl who only care for her feeling instead of others. 
I used to be that sick Joit who will leave her friends and find new one, when any of this happens. My KMPP's friends know this sick mad girl very well~ She will do what ever it takes to make her current friends hate her... but what to do, coz she really hates it when those things happen. As far as she knows, she tried to be like others but she can't possibly do what they want~ Junhyung-oppa~ Who love this fangirl of yours? Who will never back-stabbed her? Who will know how she really is? Who will stay with her? Who will never make fun of her? 
Is it because this fangirl of yours always do what people said that she end up hurting herself? What to do? Junhyung-oppa~ I am seriously scared, scared of myself, how will I stay calm when things go this hideous way? With lots of thing happening, I couldn't possibly stay the same, could I? Or is it because I am also a sarcastic person who never think about others? Oppa, I'm crying though I tried to hide it, but it can't be hide for long, could it? Do I have any other choice? Can I not think and keep on hurting myself this way? 
I hate it Oppa, I want them to know that! I'm getting tired of all this. I need to let myself regain the consciousness of being the ME, the one who will be the FOLLOWER. Oppa, My Head hurts... I tell U next time then!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The news Say It ALL!!!

A Pink’s Oh Ha Young shares a photo with leader Park Chorong

Ever since A Cube Entertainment announced that they were preparing a new girl group, A Pink has been attracting attention left and right.

The group previously revealed three members, Oh Ha Young, Son Na Eun, and Park Chorong, through their new official Twitter that teased fans with a glimpse of the remaining four members.
Following the post, Oh Ha Young shared a photo of her and leader Park Chorong on her own Twitter on February 21st and wrote, “With Rong leader at the film set.. keke It’s a secret to unni!!”
The group claims to have an average age of 18, and were seen attending B2ST’encore concert earlier this week.  The girls are currently scheduled for their debut next month through a reality program.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Photo: Twitter

An older News compared~ .... Naeun's temune!!!

A Pink’s Na Eun closes homepage after it gets hacked due to explosive interest

A Cube Entertainment announced their plans for upcoming girl group, A Pink, and its first member was revealed recently due to her connection with After School’s Lizzy.

Unfortunately, the explosive attention led to her personal mini-homepage being hacked, and Na Eun decided to shut it down for good.
On February 10th, representatives of A Cube confirmed, “On the 9th, we received notice that Son Na Eun’s homepage was hacked, which is why she closed it.”
Through Star News, A Cube also revealed that their new seven member girl group was scheduled for a debut as early as next month.

“Including Son Na Eun, the seven girls will be debuting under the name of ‘A Pink’ in March, or by April the latest. The seven are currently focusing on recording and choreography rehearsals,” they revealed.
A Cube further added, “Aside from Son Na Eun, we cannot reveal the rest of the six members, or their concept and promotion plans for now.”
Source: SPNMedical News Today via Nate

Thus, it is

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