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Monday, February 21, 2011

After a day in class, I decided to...

i decided not to attend today's Versammlung (which means Perhimpunan in Malay, A word that i suddenly forgot) heheee it happens almost all the time now. Yesterday was my mom's B-day and I was hoping to celebrate it with her, but sadly here i am stuck in IPG KBA. So for today i got only 1 reason why i refuse to go to the Versammlung, ich bin erk√§ltet (i'm sick). i couldn't possibly breath properly, causing me to get sleepy all the time. worse to come... i am in no mood to do anything, but i got tons to do! updating blog means i got tons to do but little feel to finish it. need to do something bout my sickness.... i was so close from getting dehydrate just now... lack of water i guess. heheee so tired~ can i sleep for a while? no, i will not wake up. that's forshor! 
people say that i am so childish at time, well maybe that's true, but what should i do exactly since i can never see myself as a matured girl in the near future? i need someone to correct me or someone to love me? my mom said that i am allowed to marry someone after i've done with my Master, means in the mean time i can fall in love right? well i used to love someone so much but then it all went away. now my love is only for BEAST, a Korean boyband that make me in love almost everyday. wish that i can  fall in love in the near time, so that i have someone to tell stuffs that i have kept for over 3 years now. stuffs that i kept deep inside by disguising them as stupid problems to solve. i met lots of people but will there be someone who would love for me, not for what i am? what am i saying? both are the same right? for me or for who i am? entahlah, i do not know. but what i'm sure i can fall in love with really fast but then i can let him go that fast too. so to have that one relationship that can be trusted for me is very hard. i listen to what people said too much that i tend to  think that i am always at wrong... that is why, i rarely be with someone... i can't find a way to tell the real me to anyone nor anything. this blog? not so sure meself... 
OMG i am so sleepy!!! need to sleep for only 30 minutes then go to Agus to photocopy something~ lots lots of work to do, short time left to finish. well see U next time, my blog... U'r master need to have a deep sleep for 30 Minutes kayh... 


thank you for visiting this blog!

hi n bye!

The trio that never fail to amused me!

new girlgroup is coming out~ can't wait!

yes Fighting!!!

Will not be tired any more watching this!!! KYAAA! ^^


  1. annyong onnie am reli reli ada masalah chinese gal anyway actually how is ur studies sis am sama umur ngan u.same month as u but different bday same date and month as mizobata junpei jap. actor.kenal tak dia?but ur older than me 9 mths oni.hehe i hope u cud chat with me here or in my so wanna knw bout u.ur so into beast am into suju but cant go for their concert next mth coz for some reason.problem pun ada jugak we are not allowed to snap pics or take videos.isnt fair for the fans am not rich to spend for rockpit.haiss so malang me last yr also didnt go to their concert.sis are u going to their concert?

  2. Jaesica~ dun worry kayh~ we can talk whenever u want~ which part of malaysia u at? kalu kat KL bleh lepak same2~ nnti unnie tgk2kan kalu ader mmbe yg bwk kamera g SS3~~ Unnie x g~

  3. ok but then i think its kinda too late for me to buy their tics now.anyway dengar kata leader leeteuk said dat suju ss3 is going to be in cinema 3D in every countries.i so hope this happen in malaysia so we got to see them sooo dekat like as if we are in the actual concert.ths so awesome.

  4. mianhe onnie am not frm k.l but am org pj am seldom go to k.l for shopping.klu times square pun sekali je i pernah pergi masa tu i umur 14.skang mau masuk umur 21 thn ni cepat masa lalu.haisss tak mau jadi dewasa still not reli mature i always think of turning back time whreby i can enjoy my childhood days compare to buzy in life and then at the age of 25 and above have to kahwin and build own family.that time kena pikir byk for kids this dat.hmmm times are bad nowadays too harga brg2 lain pun naik takda turun,klu takda education and ceritficate susah nak cari kerja and duit,life kitorang jadi susah frm now until we are old.


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