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Monday, June 1, 2015

I am lack with courage

I am lack with Courage

It was so important for me to stand strong. I guess my way to look dependable make me feel so tired. But I want to be there when I should be there for them no matter when for these two last year. The thing is courage. I tend to get emotional and make things more difficult. Thus my courage to stand strong is getting weaker than ever. I used to despised them so much before, but now I guess that feeling is turn into something call love. I care so much that I feel responsible for everything they might done. Maybe it is too drastic to call them my soul-mates but these friends are definitely in that category. I can say, do and act anything in front of them and they will accept and critised me for that. It is all that I need as the oldest one. I might not be the most matured one in this group, but still I can be the most dependable one, right? For me to continue to be one, I always ask for their opinions. They never realised it actually. Only by being something different will provoke them to show me their true feelings. That's why I am so grateful to them. Allah is the only One I can turn to, to help me, give me strength and ideas to be sure of myself.

I never got over you

Ex-Girlfriend Club
Bang Myungsoo, a webtoon creator fell in love again with his soulmate Kim Soojin, a clueless movie Director. But it is all what life potray, you fell with someone you have seen your whole life. And it become the most treasured time just because it's love.Some even say love strat anywhere, anytime with anyone it want. Though people try to control the thing call love, but no one has manage to do it, except the love for Him. For Him the love can be send in a massive value or the minimalist. But for me, the love for Him should not be measured, cause He never measure His love towards us, He gives love endlessly and it always cherish us even after death, then why do we could even think to not love Him...? We say we human are weak, but at the same time we say he perfected us as creatures whom roam freely the world He created. I would never imagine what it would be like.... to loose the love He give....

Thus, it is

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