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Monday, December 3, 2012


It's too weird for me to say this out loud. What is wrong with having different taste in music? In the old days, people tend to say having to be differ is good. Unsupporting doesn't mean hate right? So much things have cause chaos and yet people nowdays tend to look over the right things. Whether you love M-POP, J-POP or K-POP it is up to you. I respect each of your choice. So the big question is now, where is your respect towards other?
Like this local Band. Bunkface. Seriously? I WAS a fan to tell you the truth. I still remember some of their old songs, but now it has turn to ashes. They are disrecpectful towards other is just bewildered. Why do you need to talk about the things that you're not even sure? Those Idols that we Kpoppers love are equally work hard when it comes to music. They practice and practice. Same as Bunkface. You practice your chords, so they also practice dancing and singing simultaneously.
If they can learn to sing in Malay just to show how respectful they are towards their fans, I think it is not wrong if you do the same towards other. So if you don't like such music, would you just blurt it out without considering how much effort they have give? If I were you, I'd said the other way. Mybe I'm not working hard enough, or maybe my music is too different or maybe I didn't show much passion.. I will work harder.  A musician is supposed to be open minded about other. They don't go around and talk bullshit about another people's hardwork. What should be done is to see, why can't you be as good as them, what is the reason for your music to unsupported by your own people? Just take a sip and think for awhile... I still remember watching some local music competition, I didn't bother to listen because I can hear properly what they were singing. I love music, no matter which country I try to listen and digest the good work, but if you scream or mumble the words how you expect listeners to like your music. Saying that KPOP artist do plastic surgery. Yes it is wrong. But not every single KPOP singers do it. Only some. How about local artist? The muslims coloured their hair to look what? The muslimah wears unappropriate outfit, again for what? I hate to say this but don't talk as if you are the only one that is right. Yes they come here and take you money, so do you think we paid their plane tickets too? No! What we pay only for the numbers of songs they sang and danced. It is the same with local going international. Soon if Malaysian music goes globally, won't this happen to us too? Don't you think that the foreigners will ask you to NOT perform in their country because they only supported their local bands? Think about it wisely. By letting them coming also opens a way for us to go in theirs. Pop Shuvit manage to go to Japan, Mizz Nina too. Even Shila Hamzah is appreciated by others but do they go around and talk bad things about other? NO! Don't you excuses like our local bands are dying and ect.
I really hope that thing will get better, trust me this KPOP wave will end soon. They won't be hurting you, but if don't find ways to be better, than no matter which wave from which country come, you will still be unsupported.

Thus, it is

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