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Freeze Right There!

Lightless till it comes

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The J.0.k.E.r.s Girl is...

A True BU2ty that is!

I'm a teacher to be...
The day will come when I finally meet you Jun Hyung, and when the time comes I will definitely tell you this~ With you as the b2st RAppeR, Dujun as the b2st Leader, Yoseob as the b2st Main Vocal, Hyunseung as the b2st DAncer, Gikwang as the b2st Entertainer and Dongwoon as the b2st Maknae, With that BEAST will be the B2st GROUP Not even korea but the WORLD ever seen! 
♥ I Love BEAST
I Love Yoon Dujun, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon.
I love Chocolates
I love to sing, dance and learn Deutsch
I'm a Deutsch-teacher to be
I'm the 1st child in the family
I have 3 Brothers and 1 Sister
I went to SKST, SBPIT and KMPP
Now I'm attending IPG KBA for my Deutsch-degree
Also a student in UM ( University of Malaya)
I'm 168cm and 70kg
I'm not picky bout my clothes, thus I could say that I just wear what I love
I love to watch Johnny Depp's Movies and also shows that have Ma BEAST boys
oh~ I was born on 6th June 1990, in Mentakab
I got 5A's for UPSR, 7A's for PMR and again 5A's for ma SPM
I love to play and download Korean Stuff (Esp. Bout Ma BEAST Boys)
I am sometime InSomnia~ Sometimes
I can speak English better than I write Malay
I like tall, bad attitude, non-smoker, car-owner and older Boy who loves only me
I am not a CamWhore (well actually I hate taking pictures of myself)
I cry easily, but hard to hate
I am so childish that made my younger brother hates me =(
I used to love POWER but not anymore
I am so addicted to K-POP esp BEAST (Boys of the EAst Standing Tall)
I remembered all ma BOYS Birthdays though I never intended to do so
right now I am craving to eat Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence
I used to hate long Hairs, nagging People and desperate Boys
 I love Black, White, Red, Light-Blue and Pinkish-Red
My Lappy's name has change from Junsu to Joker's Girl
My Facebook is no more Hyunji Hiroyouki, it is now Izzati Bashar and My Twitter is also no more Izzat Wan, but Harleyquinn6690
I am not in love right now but hope to be in one
Though I love Yong JunHyung, still I wish I had one guy to love me
My Favourite Songs are as follows:
1) Thanks To (JunSeob)
2) When This Door Closes (DooWoon)
3) Let It Snow (KiSeung)
4) Nan Niga Jeil Joha (BEAST 4th Mini Album)
5) Should I hug or not ( S.Tiger Feat Yonggun-oppa, Dujun-oppa and Gikwang-oppa) 
yes they are all from ma BEAST BOYS~
6) this one song is created by a fans~ @Parkkko_97 is her Twitter
I love her song! 눈물이 채 다 마르기 전에
That is it I guess... See Ya All Next Time ^^

Thus, it is

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