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Friday, March 1, 2013

I miss....

It's been a while peeps... Miss me? I bet no. hihihi. How's life? It's March 2013 already and I am perfectly fine with some additional fatties here and there. hihi. It's hard to stay healthy. Trying not that hard though.
Today, I suddenly miss some people. 1st would be my Grandparent. I didn't have a lot of time with my grandma while she was here, but I know she was such a great woman, as she been able to raise my dad and his other 7 siblings. But I could tell you the truth, I really miss my grandpa. He was definitely the best idol I've ever love. Some say their parent re their most motivated reason, but for me it is truly my grandpa. He was the one who guided me when everything before me collapse. He stayed always next to me when I was in such deep sadness. I'm not saying that my parent neglected me, because they never did it. They do love me and I feel so blessed to have them as my parent, it's just that I rarely show this weak vulnerable side of me in front of them. But my grandpa always saw that. I truly miss him today. Atuk I still remember your face but your voice klingt so weird to me now... I must have mess it up with toktan, since the two of you are cousin. I still remember your scent. Dad smell just like you, and it makes me realised that dad is just like you.
(Atuk, along takut. Along rasa along tak jadi cucu yang macam atuk nak, along takut, along tak jumpa atuk nanti kat sana. Maafkan along sbb tak jadi sama macam yang atuk nak. Along rindu kat atuk sangat-sangat, Tok tan ngan Tok ne, sihat. Along janji along akan jaga mereka baik-baik. Mak ngan engku jugak. Atuk along tawu ape yang along tulis nie pelik, tapi kalu Allah benarkan, along nak jumpa atuk dulu sebelum engku ngan mak. Atuk mesti marah kalu along cakap macam ni dulu...)
I wrote them in Malay coz i felt heavier to write in English. Tears are pouring like rain... I called my mom just twenty minutes before I started this post.
2nd is Im Yoon Taek. Ulala Session's Leader who died fighting cancer. I'd say only that.
Sometimes people do ask me, when are you ever going to have a boyfriend. I don't know. I'm waiting.
To end this post I'm gonna proposed for you guys to hear an song from TVXQ.. The old five members TVXQ. The song is I'll be there. It's a good song.

Thus, it is

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