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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eternally Part I and II (I realised people do read my blog! So sorry if I have not post anything than my rant)

Eternally (Part I & II)

No matter how strong a girl thinks she is, there is always a thing that cannot be reached. It has been awhile since I realized that. Going through every day life without realizing that I am weak. It has been weeks since I started this work as an English tutor for celebrities. Thought that they would not want to go further yet, most of them felt that it is important for them to learn English. A short stay that I planned a month ago did not go according to plan. Taking back to the time when they recruited me, make me smile out of nowhere. For days I’d stay in the café, drinking my favourite caffeine. Caramel Macchiato and hope to have some peace after long months of working in school and meeting people. I love the kids; I love the language but not the people that come with it. They tend to thing within the box, and simply cut out the kids probability in searching and discovering new things.

I decided to stay in Korea for a whole two months as my vacation said so. Since I rarely take any sick leave, the principal said it would not be a problem for me to do so. From two weeks of holiday, I was ask to extended it to two whole month and that was new. As I spent most of my time in the café, it could've been said that I attract people to be cautious of me. Since I’d stay there for hours and only take my leave right before they closed it. In three days, all of the workers know me and my traits already, the fact I changed my place every time I came, the difference coffee that I’d order and the books length that I choose to read. It is not until he came and sat with me that things started to get a little bit fun.

It was on my 5th day there, when he came and sat in front of me as if it was his seat.

I see you here for days already.. Do you really love this café? Are you on vacation?” he asked.
Me on the other hand was not even distracted by it, answered,
On Vacation. For two weeks. Yup, I love it here, the coffees are also good, why? Is it wrong?” while my eyes stayed on the page I’m reading, when so sudden he flipped the page and said,
You should talk while facing me, not while reading…” and our eyes met.
To my surprised, not by his voice, cause I already sense that it’s him, but to the crowd with him. All six members of the KPOP Idol BEAST were seating surrounding me. While I know that we are conversing in fully Korean might not convinced them that I’m not Korean… I only look like one.
I know, but I think it’s rude for you and your friend to so suddenly seat here. There are….” I stopped when I realized, my seating was the only one available . I do know that I took a large place for myself, they could have asked me to move instead of joining me…
I know, but I’d rather not to disturb a reading elf.” said the guy with his majestic blond pink hair to the shorter guy with black hair. 
Junhyung-shi, I’m so capable of moving further if you’d only asked.” I said. But then their drinks came and we ended up taking the conversation to a fullstop.
You guys, just seat here, do you mind?” he said.
No I don’t.” continuing to read only to be stopped by another guy asking for my name.
Hyunji. Korean name is Hyunji. My real name is not important.” I said, as I flip another page of the Iron Fey Prophecy. 
I admit I’m shocked to see them, but after years of being a B2uty, I find myself so composed in front of idols these days. Age is getting me I guess. It’s not weird anymore since this is where they hang out and have some rest.
Hyunji-shi, how old are you? We look the same age though.” said the maknae.
25, means I’m older than you a year I guess” to their surprise.
You know our age? Means you know us? No… you’re our B2uty right?” said the shorter black haired guy.
Gikwang-ah, that can be true.” said their leader.
Nope, not just a B2uty… I’m a JESTER” I said flipping another page.
Seriously?” He asked.
Yup. In fact I’m your fan since XING” the six of them then cheers as if they won the world. While me on the other side was dueling with the greatness of Kitagawa’s novel. That was the day, my journey start and to my surprised it was also when I realised that I'm actually having fun in it.

Days went by without me realizing how long it has been. They still come time to time and for a week or so things got out of hand. Scandals broke saying 6 idols of the same team dating the same girl. Yup, that girl is said to be me, the one who do nothing. I understand it that much because they came in relay instead of all of them guess they were busy or something. But I never think that it’ be possible anyway that we decided to ignore the news. Even their company said nothing and netizens attack me like I’m some kind of a call-girl… Then the boys think to themselves.
“We changed the place! We go somewhere else to meet Hyunji” said Gikwang.
“Not possible, we need to ensure that Hyunji follows. She won’t” said Dujun.
“Guys, I am here you know…” I said while continuing reading my next chapter. 
“Are you okay Hyunji, I mean they cursed so much that even we got mad.” Said Dongwoon.
“Nope, nothing at all. They don’t know the truth that’s all. And telling the truth cost us our friendship so just let it be.” I answered back. As I look forward to see their faces, all six kinda have the same expressions.
“It’s our fault. We will do something. Hyunseung, Yoseob we can use our SNS” said Junhyung who has been staring at me for quite awhile. 
“What are you staring at? Is there something on my face?” I asked as it bother me, to have someone staring blankly at me.
“I just, I’m just wondering how to settle this” he said looking at his friends.
The next day a call came.
‘Hyunji, watched the news’ said Yoseob.
I switched on my MacAir and open up a browser. I click on further until I found what Yoseob was telling me to watch.
Yong Junhyung has started a new relationship and this he is sure she’s the one’ the news starts with all six gathering at a café and talking to the MC. 
“She’s my GF, the boys are helping me keeping her company. She’s not Korean so, she’s only gonna be here for 6 months or so, that’s why I put my all for her”
“She loves to read so much that she stayed at the same café for days. That’s why we always stay there to at least look after her for Junhyung.” Said Gikwang calmly.
Now since when I’m his GF? I can feel that people are looking. I look at the café manager and he understands. Her ushered me to another private room and I decided to wait for them to give me a very long explanation. Hours passed by and they all finally here but not alone. I can sense there are unwanted people came.

Thus, it is

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