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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oppa I know it now~

So BEAST! Annyeonghaseyo, urinnun BEAST-imnida!
They suddenly appear in IPG KBA! What are they doing here? I got to be one of the staff, working for them. All 6 of them were as hot as ever. I had to entertain The Beast tantrums. Yes, Yong Junhyung... I had to fetch everything he needs. When I said everything, it means everything. His Coke, Shades, Shoes and his Nike Caps~ Though I'm in love with him but I didn't expect that he would that cold. He never look at me, never talk to me directly. He keeps on asking his Stylist to tell me what to do. So sad indeed. It was morning again. He got no schedules thus, he and the other BEAST members can roaming around IPG KBA. I had to follow them. The other five chat with me, and I guess they know me better. They know that the fact I'm In Love With Him. We walked around and suddenly their fans chased us. I was so slow at running that suddenly someone grab my hand. We run together, then I realised it was Junhyung-oppa. I smile to myself thinking that I'm going to cry now. He finally make a move to speak with me. I guess. We reached to a place where no one could found us, the Sport Storage Room. We both hide in there. Then suddenly his phone rang...
"Yah! Where are you? Are you with her?" Ask someone.
"Yup, She's with me. Don't worry, we'll be fine. Anyway call me when it's calm again." Said Junhyung-oppa.
"Oppa..., who is that?" I stuttered.
"Dujun, maybe he's lost," He chuckled a bit. 
Then he look at me and getting closer. Suddenly he whisper. 
"Just talk to me comfortably, I'm not as cold as you think."
"Seriously? Okay! Oppa, would it be okay if I touch you?" I ask out of curiosity.
"Yup, just do what ever you like, don't be a stranger with me. Even if I'd said nothing just acts that way, cause I'll know"
"Okay! Deal, don't push me away!"
Starting from then, I told him everything about me. How is my current life, how many friends do I have, which subjects I'm taking, which classes I'm going. My favourite colors, books, songs, my past relationship which shock him a bit, my fears and also my likes. He already knew that he's my favourite member. So, he listen to my story till suddenly his phone rang again. He didn't picked it up. 
"Picked it up, it might be urgent."
"Nope, not until you finish telling me about yourself."
"I'm done. So picked it up." smiling at him.
"Fine, Hello? Dujun-ah?"
"Yah, where are you? It is clear now, let's go for dinner. Bring Izzati too."
"Izzati? Who's that? What's that?"
"Yah! Her name is Izzati, you idiot!" Looking at me afterwards.
"Okay, will do. But are you sure she's mine? She seems so innocent!"
"I'm not telling you to have sex with her! It is for your own good, she loves you, and you WILL too. So don't worry."
"Fine. I'm hangin' off then. Erm, do you have korean name?"
"Hum? Yup it's Jang Hyunji."
"Jang? Not gonna use Yong? You're my fans rite?"
"Yup, but then if I used Yong that's mean I'll be your family member instead of..."
"Stead of? Why Jang? Hyunseung already got younger sister."
"Jang Geun Seuk and Jang Woo Young-temune. I'm also their fans but not as hard as yours."
"ahhh Geunseuk-hyung. Wait! You know Hangul?"
"Erm, now lets go!" I grab his hand and we walk out of the storage room. We went to Seoul Garden in Kerinchi for dinner. I wanted to sit next to Yoseob but he pulls me close to him then he say it.
"You are not allowed to be near them." pointing to his members
"Hyung! She's our friend first!" Said the Maknae.
"Yah, Dongwoon! Let him be!" Said Dujun-oppa.
"Hyunji-ah kimbab mogolle?" Ask Junhyung.
"Erm. Kimbab tto gwenchana, Oppa nun?"
"Same with you then, drinks?"
We acted like we were thinking, then we say it out loud. Together~
"Coke!" then we laughed~ We didn't realise that the were people watching..
"Wait, you know her Korean name? Hyunji? What is the surname?" Asks Hyunseung...
"Jang~" Said Junhyung~
"Wow! She's mine then! Junhyung let her go!"
"Andwae~ She's not using yours. It is originally from Geunseuk-hyung and Wooyoungie~ Your's is not invited"
"Bwoh? Izzati... Chinca?"
"Oaaa Oppa, anni... aish ottoke~ Jae-oppa! Wae irreoke? It's the same letter anyway, Seungie-oppa, Of course I would like to be in your family. Don't worry kayh~"
"Yah! Don't lie to him~ You're mine!"
"Yah! Who told you to lie to me huh? Yong Junhyung?! She even called you Jae-oppa!?" said Hyunseung -oppa, Gikwang was so shock that he bursted out his drink hitting Dongwoon's face.
"Are you two serious? Jun-ah, its your real name. No one has called you that..." said Yoseob
"Chonmal? no one?"
"Yup, no one. Only Jang Hyunji aka Wan Nor Izzati Binti Wan Mohd Bashar is allowed."
I was stunned upon hearing him saying my name. It's my full name!
The next following days, we all became closer. I went to Jae-oppa hugging his well build up shoulder, clinging to him a like a bird. Everyone stares at me. But only I know, what he feels about it. The other 5 members laugh at our progress. It had been a week and they will fly home to Korea this evening. Before they left, we decided to play a game. Hunt and the Hunter. I paired up with my BFF Adenin Thenyn Rahman and we went to search for the things. Jae-oppa back off saying that he's not going to play. The theme was Important Things.
As the two of us walking around, we were staunt by a cave like room, in the middle of the Triangle Bermuda here In IPBA. We both went into it and to our surprised the door closes itself. Suddenly someone is rushing in, and it was Junhyung. In his hands was the gift that I gave to him earlier. A Manga named 'Aku, Dia dan Pustaka Biru'. He said, "Stay here, they will pull us out."
Both me and Adenin were shock. We finally realised that the game was not meant for us, but for BEAST members to realised their precious thing. Junhyung's is me.He asks me to sit next to him and eventually he puts his head on my shoulder and read the comic. Suddenly a bug came out of nowhere, and all three of us screams. Mine was the loudest.
"Kak Ti buang la bug tuh," Said Adenin asking me to get rid of the bug.
"Dear~ Kalu kam0o takot, ak ngan mamat nie apetah lagi." Saying that both me and Junhyung are more afraid of it. Adenin stands up and get rid of the bug. We both smiled thinking that there's no threat anymore. Adenin smile watching us this way. While he rested his head on my shoulder, his reading became slower. I took the book from him and said,
"Oppa, you can sleep, I'll read."
"Erm, just sleep. I'll wake you up when they come for us, Promised!" Pulling out my pinky and guided his to twine with mine. He falls asleep immediately, but his hug was tighter. He keeps on mumbling, 'don't worry, I'll be back, I'll be back.... I'll be back, I'll be back... Kak Ti 7.30 dah! Kak Ti 7.30 dah!'
HUH!!! What!! A dream! God! I woke up this morning smiling all the way. Yes I dreamt again about Junhyung-oppa, and this one is THE best!
Saranghae Oppa, seeing you in dreams make me happier ever!

Now it is time for you to sleep, my Beastly Husband! Love You!
Don't forget to dream of me. (Teehee!)
To my readers, just wanted to share with you my happiness today~ will remember this date forever! 
[24. März 2011]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm going to meet MyBu2Tys! This Saturday!

I'm so happy that this time I manage to go to the Gathering. and it is for Kiki's Birthday. Though Gikwang and Beast won't be there (hehheeee) still I'm happy that I can finally meet the other~ Yes I am so excited that I did everything in such a hurry. Everything, my homeworks, my blogposts, Facebookposts~ All of them! even the present for the BU2Tys too~ Wanted to give them a suprised but yet... Money came in the way~ so I'm going to give U a hint~
 a simple thing that I did~ Not knowing the purpose of it. Just happily made it heheheee~ I should have done it better if I knew the purposes are~ Well that is me.. doing stuff without thinking the consequences~ I'm so happy for Yoseob for his first Musical~ and My baby Jae-oppa for his collaboration with Wheesung-ajushi~ Love the song! Also loving the fact that they got 2nd in Oricon Weekly Chart~ Beating Bigbang's records~ yeyeeee! Oh and yes... Bout my personal affairs~ I guess we decided to let it go~ Cause no one seems to think about it anymore, we just go by it~ well I found lots of Icons of the Boys lately heheee~ 

No wonder I fall in love with them over and over again~ they are so HOT and CUTE! BEAST are the BEST wherever they go~ And with that I bid U all GOOD NIGHT!

BEAST - Rainbow (Remake Fukuyama Masaharu)

무지개 (Rainbow)
Remake of Fukuyama Masaharu's '虹'


들어봐 나만의 소중한 이야기 익숙한 목소리로 지금부터 시작해
어쩌면 없는 얘기지 특별한 것은 너일 뿐 이 노래와 우리 둘 사이 
그리 멀지도 않으니까 예

너에게로 간다 이렇게 바람따라 간다 숨차게 기다려 주겠니 
기억하지 못할 꿈속에 가만히 잠이 든 무지개
다시 떠오를 수 있게 날아올라가

말해봐 너의 마음속 숨겨왔던 그 이야기 
같이 꿈꾸던 편한 우리사이 아직까진 난 기억해 
잘가란 인사같은건 굳이 못해도 괜찮은걸 언젠간 다시만날
오직 한사람 바로 너야 예 

차가운 날도 한걸음 참아내지 못할 그리움 이제 만날수 있을까 
기억하지 못할 꿈속에 가만히 잠이 든 무지개
다시 떠오를 수 있게 더 높이 날아가

(언젠가)언젠가 우리가 만나면
(만나면)지난 시간을 가로질러
(언젠가)언젠가 우리 단 둘이서 
(둘이서)처음만났던 그 날 처럼 (약속해)

언제 어디선가 반드시 만나겠지 
기운따라 가면 그 끝에 니가 있을런지 
넌 아직 그때의 우릴 기억할지 잘 모르겠지만 난
지금도 널향해 어딜가든 뭘 하든 다 너로 인해
창 밖을 보니 비가 내리네 곧 찾아올거야 무지개처럼 우리의 시간이

너에게로 간다 이렇게 바람따라 간다 숨차게 기다려 주겠니 
기억하지 못할 꿈속에 가만히 잠이 든 무지개
다시 떠오를 수 있게 
차가운 날도 한걸음 참아내지 못할 그리움 이제 만날수 있을까 
기억하지 못할 꿈속에 가만히 잠이 든 무지개
너의 하늘위로 떠오를 수 있게 날아 오를꺼야


Deuleobwa namanui sojunghan iyagi iksukhan mokso-riro jigeumbuteo shijakhae
Eojjeomyeon obneun aegiji teukbyeolhan geoseun neoil bbun i neoraewa uri dul sa-i
Geuri meoljido anheunikka Yeah~

Neo-egero ganda ireohke baramddara ganda sumchage gidaryeo jugetni
Gieokhaji mot-hal kkumsoke gamanhi jam-i deun mujigae
Dashi ddeo oreul su itge nalaolraga

Malhaebwa neoui maeumsok sum gyeowatdeon geu iyagi
Gat-i kkumkkudeon pyeonhan urisai ajik kkajin nan gieokhae
Jalgaran in sagateungeot guti mothaedo gwaenchanheungeol eonjengan dashiman-nal
Ojik hansaram baro neoya Yeah~

Chagaun naldo hangeoleum chamanaeji mothal geurium ije man-nalsu isseulkka
Gieokhaji mothal kkumsoke gamanji jami deun mujigae
Dashi ddeo oreul su itge deo nop-i nalaga

(eonjenga) eonjenga uriga man-namyeon
(man-namyeon) ji nan shiganeul garojilreo
(eonjenga) eonjenga uri dan dul-iseo
(dul-iseo) cheoumman-natdeon geu nal cheoreom (yaksokhae)

Eonje eodiseonga bandeuji man-nagetji
Gi-unddara gamyeon geu kkeut-e niga isseulreonji
Neon ajik geuddaeui uril gieokhalji jal moreugetjiman nan
Jigeumdo neolhyanghae eodilgadeun mweol hadeun da neoro inhae
Chang bakkeul boni biga naerine got chaja-ulgeoya mujigaecheoreom uriui shigan-i

Neo-egero ganda ireohke baramddara ganda sumchage gidaryeo jugetni
Gieokhaji mot-hal kkumsuk-e gamanhi jam-i deun mujigae 
Dashi ddeo oreul su itge
Chagaun naldo hangeoleum chamanaeji mot-hal geurium ije man-nalsu isseulkka
Gieokhaji mot-hal kkumsuk-e gamanhi jam-i deun mujigae
Neoui haneulwiro ddeo oreul su itge nala oreulkkeoya


Listen to my special story, I will start now with a familiar voice
Stories are the ordinary, but the special thing is you
The relationship between this song and us, it isn’t far away at all yeah

I’m going to you like this, following the winds with my breath suppressed
Will you wait for me?
In the dreams that we easily forget, so that you can remember the quietly resting rainbow 
I fly up again

Tell me, your that story that you hid in your heart
The comfortable relationship between us where we used to dream together, I still remember it
It’s okay that you didn’t exactly tell me goodbye
Since the only one person I’m going to meet again is you, yeah

A single step in the cold days, the feeling of yearning I can’t hold back
Will we be able to meet now?
In the dreams that we easily forget, so that you can remember the quietly resting rainbow 
I fly up even higher 

(Someday) Someday if we meet 
(If we meet) We will overwrite the past times 
(Someday) Someday together
(Together) Like that first say we met (Promise me)

One day, we will meet somewhere for sure
If I follow my assumptions, will you be there?
I don’t know if you will remember us exactly
But I always move towards you, no matter what I do or where I go I think of you
Looking out the window, I see the rain
Soon it will come, like the rainbow, our times 

I’m going to you like this, following the winds with my breath suppressed
Will you wait for me?
In the dreams that we easily forget, so that you can remember the quietly resting rainbow -
A single step in the cold days, the feeling of yearning I can’t hold back
Will we be able to meet now?
In the dreams that we easily forget, the quietly resting rainbow
So that I will be able to rise up to your sky, I will fly

cr.: - hangul; Eleven via - romaji; YONGISM via - translation

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A song by @Parkkko_97 Great For the B2utys!!!

Beauty and the Beast

눈물이 마르기 전에
nunmul-i chae da maleugi jeon-e
웃는 법을 몰라 울기만 했었던
uneun beob-eul molla ulgiman haess-eossdeon geu ttae
여섯명이란 그대들
yeoseosmyeong-ilan geudaedeul
마치 사막의 oasis
machi samag-ui oasis
만난후로는 웃음이 떠나질 않아요
mannanhuloneun us-eum-i tteonajil anh-ayo

Happy birthday 생일 챙겨줄 남자친구는 없지만
Happy birthday saeng-il chaeng-gyeojul namjachinguneun eobsjiman
숨이 멎도록 아름다운 그대들이 있기에
sum-i meojdolog aleumdaun geudaedeul-i issgie
주먹을 쥐고 힘차게
jumeog-eul kkwag jwigo himchage
외치죠 니가 제일 좋아
oechijyo niga jeil joh-a
내가 노래하는 이유 때문인걸
naega nolaehaneun iyu neo ttaemun-ingeol

향한 지금 속삭임이
neol hyanghan jigeum i sogsag-im-i
노래가 되어 맘속에 닿기를
nolaega doeeo ne mamsog-e dahgileul

Beautiful, So special boys
힘들때면 돌아서 우리를 봐요
himdeulttaemyeon dol-aseo ulileul bwayo
있잖아 우리들은
issjanh-a ulideul-eun
잡은 손을 놓지는 않아요
jab-eun son-eul nohjineun anh-ayo
우린- oh-

그대들을 몰라본 나는 (Bad Girl)
geudaedeul-eul mollabon naneun

그대들이 없는 나의 삶은 (L, l, l, l, lightless)
geudaedeul-i eobsneun naui salm-eun

Very Important U!
Always Loving U!
아직은 시작일 뿐
ajig-eun sijag-il ppun
Beast is the B2ST!
그대들의 우릴 향한 (Thanks to!)
geudaedeul-ui ulil hyanghan
우리들의 가슴속은 이미 (Let it snow)
ulideul-ui gaseumsog-eun imi
한번더 돌풍을 일으켜 Get Shock!
hanbeondeo dolpung-eul il-eukyeo
우린 이 자릴 지켜 Just good luck to you (Ready Go!)
ulin i jalil jikyeo

 향한 지금  속삭임이
neol hyanghan jigeum i sogsag-im-i
노래가 되어  맘속에 닿기를
nolaega doeeo ne mamsog-e dahgileul

Beautiful, So special boys
힘들때면 돌아서 우리를 봐요
himdeulttaemyeon dol-aseo ulileul bwayo
있잖아 우리들은
issjanh-a ulideul-eun
잡은 손을 놓지는 않아요
jab-eun son-eul nohjineun anh-ayo
우린- oh-

Easy come easy go

그런 생각들은 Break down
geuleon saeng-gagdeul-eun

이 문이 닫히면
i mun-i dadhimyeon
그럴일은 없어 Say no, no, no
geuleol-il-eun eobs-eo
I'm sorry boy
잘해준게 하나없어서
jalhaejunge hana-eobs-eoseo
조금만 힘을내 성장통도 이제 끝이야
jogeumman him-eulnae seongjangtongdo ije kkeut-iya

oh- oh-

넌 정말 Mystery boys
neon jeongmal

You make me crazy

Masterminding me
우리가 보여줄 차례잖아
uliga boyeojul chalyejanh-a
For my beautiful you

Beautiful, So special

Credit to: @ The writter, Singer of this great song!!!
I'll translate this one in a short while~ Please do wait kayh~

I Like You The Most! (난 내가 재일 좋아)

I like you the most!
( 내가 재일 좋아)


Kim Hyunji (19) - A girl who love to sing and challenge new things.

Yong Junhyung (20) - BEAST/B2sT rApper, serious and funny at the very same time, holds a great memory of life.

Yoon Dujun (20) - BEAST/B2sT Leader, funny, Responsible and Bossy. Yuri’s love!

Jung Hyunseung (20) - BEAST/B2sT best dancer, vocalist,, a brother and a liar……Maeri’s love~

Yang Yoseob (19) - BEAST/B2sT main vocalist, cute, helpful and so curious. Soejin’s love~

Lee Gikwang (19) – BEAST/B2sT actor, pabo! And most good looking member……Sohee’s love~

Song Dongwoon (18) – BEAST/B2St maknae, reliable and honest… Yejin’s love~

It all start with a little thing called concert, a concert that was never in her mind, but she goes as her best friends decided to go……
1.  1st Time is actually the 2nd time For Me!
            Today for the 1st time in my life, I need to prepare myself to go to a concert…it is a concert of 6 unknown boys that my best friends are so crazy for. By the way, I’m Hyunji, age 19, known as the most cheerful yet historic person who knew nothing about IDOLS! Well we are living in a country that is full with entertainment people and they are called as IDOLS~ huuuu hope that one day I can understand the word IDOLS itself. I never knew that the girls would buy a tix for me, just to show me their lovely boyfriends are, or would be~ Yejin, Sohee, Yuri, Maeri and Seojin. All 5 of them are my best best friends! We have known each other more than hundreds months ago… they have been so crazy about the IDOLS since H.O.T came out in 1996~ we were 6!!! For GOD’s sake, they never knew when to give up… then it all start from one group to more than 20 groups! They analyzed and knew almost everything about the member of the chosen group. This year a new group called BEASt/B2sT, well not so new since they have been around for about 3 months. That is quite new right, oh well the girls said most of the boys are already known to the world since 2 years ago. Not so sure why… we are already at the front gate. Believe it or not! They bought me a VIP TIX! Just to make sure that I will come since they will also be the VIPs. Telling you the truth… I knew nothing about this group; neither their songs nor their names! The girls didn’t even explain a thing to me; who is who…and they said that they already pick one member for me, but still! I DO NOT KNOW ONE THING ABOUT THEM!!! OTTOKE!!! I don’t want to make myself embarrassed. I have the VIP tix but knew nothing about them, as if I am just there because someONE forces me… I wish that I knew that they bringing me here, at least I could read something about them.
           Well here I go! I walk into the Auditorium and gosh it is HUGE! I’m telling ya! People are all over it, songs are on but I can sense that the songs are repeating it-self. We were told to go to the front… not only I was one of the VIPs but one of the LUCKY ones… those who get the chance to interact with them, spend some times and have dinner together… gosh the girls are so crazy about having the boys as their boyfriends~ huuuu though I don’t know why.
                        “Hyunji-ah! That is yours~ his name is Yong Junhyung, we called him The Joker” Pointing at a poster.
            Well he’s not that bad, looks cute too, wish he didn’t wear that HUGE spectacles… it hides his good-look. The girls start to tell me the names now~
                        “That is mine, his name is Dongwoon” said Yejin…
                        “Yah Yejin-ah why do you always love the MAKNAE? Look at mine Yosoeb-bie~ Ahhhhh~ so cute!” Soejin get through~
                        “Huh! Your’s is no compare to my Leader! My Baby Joon-joon! Dujun-oppa!!!” said Yuri
                        “But I think that guy look cute too” I said ponting at a guy with a long hair style~
                        “Oh I am so agree with you Hyunji, that is ma boy Hyunseung-          oppa~ He is cute and the B2ST dancer!” said Maeri… Sohee’s guy must be that one, wandering his name is…
                        “Hyunji meet Gikwang~ You know him! He is AJ~ remember I told bout him before…”
                       “What? He’s AJ, the little guy who did ‘Dancing Shoes feat Hyuna’… My junior HYUNA????”
                        “Yup that’s the guy!”
                        “OMG now I remember! That Hyunseung guy, was a BIGBANG           member rite?”
                        “Yup! You totally nail your 222IQ no.!” Said Yejin…
                        “And my Yoseob and Yuri’s Dujun???”
                        “The backup dancers for Sohee’s AJ!???”
                        “100 points go to you, girl! And your Junhyung…? We did talk            about him before, as we were talking about Kevin UKISS~ Remember him?”
                        “Poppin-Dragon??! That XING member? Really???!”
                        “YES!!!” All ma 5 girls shouted!
            Though I was no KPOP IDOLS fan but because of my friends I keep on knowing them pretty much faster than anyone else, since I got this 222IQ no. I have always been the no.1 student though I don’t want to, and sometimes I go above average… that would really piss my classmates but not my best friends~ they are just proud of me. I do know the other KPOP boys, but only those who the girls ever talked about. And most of them are always more than 6. The last 5-member group was DBSK, well there were FT ISLAND & CN BLUE but it didn’t do anything good that much~ 5 of them will try to couple up with each member, well I was always a die-hard-fan type, those who only care for one group, but seriously I haven’t found the GROUP to be fall in love with. Thus, I never care bout them.
2.  1st Meeting U got my Slap, 2nd Time U got my Heart!
            The group hasn’t come out yet. The 6 lucky VIPs are told to go to the backstage. Well none of them realized that we are actually friends. It was actually planned by Maeri who is very good with computer, she sets it up so that we can answer and win all 6 Lucky tix~ Well they could not we. We are totally at the backstage… the girls are nervous, for some reason, I felt nervous too. One guy goes up to the stage and said that the boys will be meeting us first then they’ll do the showcase. It was also in the tentative that they meet the 6 Lucky VIPs 1st. The other fans could only wait patiently I guess.
                        “We are finally meeting them” Said Sohee. I never guess she’d said that considering her personality… Guess love conquers it all huh~
                        “You may go to their waiting room” Said the big guy. He must be the Bodyguard~
                        “Thank you” I replied and we were separated.
            I was brought straight to Junhyung’s waiting room. He was waiting, I guess. Sitting on a very mesmerizing chair, with his high-class crossing legs. Hyunji! This is only to satisfy your friend’s greed, just talk and go on with it. You already met him before!
                        “Wait, you look not that excited, or rather forced?” he said.
                        “Erm kinda, Nice to meet you anyway, I’m Hyunji”
                        “Hmmm then why are you here? If you are not interested, you should just say no… guess there will be someone who would love to switch the place with you…”
                        “HUH? Oh~ My friends want me to meet you personally, just to       see how much you have change, since the last time we met…”
                        “We’ve met? Where? When? Wait, you do look familiar though…”
                        “Poppin-Dragon~ I was the girl who gave you the handmade-birthday           cake, remember? Though I baked it for someone else…”
                        “KIM HYUNJI???? HYUNA’s SENIOR???” He does remember! What to do now? He remembers me, then?
                        “Why, you look a bit different in just two years?” he said.
                        “A bit, you too, no more weird hair-do, but left with HUGE spectacles…”
                        “What HUGE spectacles, I’m not wearing one~”
                        “What I mean in the posters there… you better though without them, though your die-hard-fans find it cute…”
                        “Are you criticizing my style? Are you?”
                        “No! Not really, after what happen 2 years ago I just stop criticizing your style, coz I stopped hearing bout you as Poppin-dragon”
                        “Your friends are here? All 5 of them?”
                        “Yup! All 5 are busy talking and chatting with the other 5 of yours. They are quite tense I guess~”
                        “Now I get it but Hyunji, why do you always sound so sarcastic? We’ve met, you knew me, you knew HYUNA, and could you be a little bit nicer?”
                        “I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just telling you what I’d told you before, and it is still the same though we’ve change. Anyway, how long are you going to make the girls wait? Go up on stage already, I’ll stay at the front too.”
                        “Of course you’ll be there…” he laughs then left, I met the girls back and we were told to go back to our seat.
            We were told to stay put after the show. The show start! They start to sing and I start to be amazed by his charms again. I sound silly but he keeps on smiling and glaring at me. Though there were fans behind me who keeps saying that Junhyung stares her. They finished their first song, and they asked 1 girl to come up to the stage. Junhyung choose. Well who else, he asked ME to go up to that stage! Honestly what is he thinking? I am so not his fans… the fans are shouting, cheering and screaming his name… still I went up to that stage and sit on a chair. They are not giving me a serenade are they? Oh yes they are! They sing me a song~ I love it! The SONG! I keep on smiling and only look as happy as I can, but I just can stop blushing as the boys take turn to sing the song. It is his part I guess, he asks for my hand and he holds it tight. He raps through the song and never let my hand go, I didn’t realized this until he holds my face and suddenly! He kisses my cheek lightly, cause the fans to scream! This time I blushed for real! My face turn so red that I might just slapped him, but thinking that his fans are all over the place~ I just smiled as if I am shocked that he kisses me. His members were also shocked! They start to talk and sent me down. After a whole 2 hours of jumping, cheering and hearing the showcase ended.
3.  1st Time is for Her, 2nd Time is for U 43ver!
                        “My~ it was amazing! Dujun-oppa you are so hawwwwt up there!” said Yuri… after the show ended, we are asked to join the boys for dinner. The girls are so happy bout it. We sit according to our FAVOURITE member! I had to face him for this dinner! We talked and chatted, but I rarely talked to Junhyung, keep on answering the members questions. I think he is a bit annoyed that he started to talk about the past~
                        “Yoseob-ah, did you remember Hyunji? She’s the one who baked the birthday cake…”
                        “Of course I remember her, eventhough the cake was baked for                              HYUNA… hyung you really shouldn’t take that cake… it taste really good! Poor Hyuna~” Yes! Yosoeb is on my side.
                        “Yoseob-shi is right, poor my little junior~” I laughed.
                        “Still Hyuna did taste the cake; I did give it to her!”
                        “Seriously? Thank GOD, she really love Hyunji’s cake, she had been                          in love with them since junior highschool right Hyun~?” Said Yejin.
                        “Chincha? Woow! That cake really taste that good? It is rare for us to see that little kid eat cakes~” Said Hyunseung.
                        “She really loves what Hyunji baked, everything! She even said that she will be glad if Hyunji become her sister-in-law” Said Yuri.
                        “WhAT???!” Junhyung suddenly choked his food, cause him to ask for more water. Huuuu~ guess that hit him hard. He is Hyuna’s    elder brother.
                        “I would love to have a girlfriend like her, but not as wife… NEVER!” Said Junhyung.
                        “Wow! Well if you are okay for me to be your girlfriend but not your wife, badly, I’ll never accept you even as my boyfriend!” I said it! But this is supposed to be a meeting of a die-hard-fan with her beloved idol. What have I done!!! God save me!
                        “Auch! That gotta hurt, hyung are you okay?” Ask Dongwoon.
                        “Of course not! Then, I’ll just have to kiss you to seal you as my girl right???” he came to me with his devil smile. He holds my hand and takes me out of the dining room. We are now in a room with a BED! He locks the door! GOD he’s going to rape me to make me his! NO! ANDWAE!
                        “Let us settle this here.”
                        “Junhyung-oppa! You know I was just kidding, so don’t be upset, now let’s go back to the dining room and eat okay?”
                        “Not until you listen to what I’m done!”
                        “No! I won’t let you have me!!! NEVER!!!”
                        “WHAT??! Are you kidding me, I just want some lone time with        you, that is all.” He laughed and suddenly embraces me tightly.
                        “Honestly, I miss you. It has been 2 years since I kiss you, and I never forget that one beautiful kiss. That is why I called your friends to bring you to me. I really want to tell you the truth why I end up kissing you that day…”
                        “Junhyung-oppa~ you’re playing me right? After this they will come through the door and say ‘Gotcha!’ right”
                        “Nope. No one knows where we are, this is no game. You do know that idols are restricted from having any relationship especially with their fans. Trust me I really am telling you the truth, I really really love you!”
                        “HUH! But I am not your fan, aren’t I” I let his hug go and force him to look at my face, eyes meet eyes.
                        “so if you really love me… Look straight to me eyes and say it”
                        “I LOVE YOU, KIM HYUNJI,”      
                        “Okay, I’ll let you kiss me this onetime”
            As he leans to kiss me, I open up my eyes and hold his face. He was shocked but then he smiled. He let me kiss him instead. He watches me do it. Then he smiled again, and slowly whispers the same thing again… ‘I love you, ma beautiful Kim Hyunji’. That was all for that one great night of his. He managed to make love to me but I stopped when his hand almost touched me. He understands it and let me out of the room.
            After that I keep on wandering, can I say the same 3 words to him. We went back to the dining room. They all were still chatting with each other, until Yejin called my name.
                        “Where were you? We almost finish now”
                        “Somewhere,” Said Junhyung. All the boys smiled.
                        “Don’t worry Yejin-shi… We all know what happened. Hyung are you guys finally together? Huuu that took you two years huh?” Said Yoseob…
                        “Shut up!” He blushed!
                        “Why? Dujun-hyung, think we should tell the girls the love story of Junhyung-hyung…” the boys laughed afterwards.
                        “Junhyung-shi love story? So wanna hear it. Tell us please~” begged Maeri.
                        “Okay. It all starts when Junhyung was still a XING member. He did a showcase and while singing their debut song ‘My Girl’, he fell in LOVE. A girl eventually was there. She was holding a basket of fruits. Maybe to give it to her favourite member. After the showcase ended, she went backstage and found her favourite member. It was Kevin! But the fruitbasket was given to Poppin Dragon.                               Instead of saying thanks, he embraced her, and kisses her. Least to know that, the kiss was the very first kiss; he kisses her with all of his heart. After they break the kiss, he got himself a slap! The girl left and took something from him.”
                        “What did she take?” ask Sohee.
                        “His heart…” said Junhyung.
                        “Seriously you fall for me since that night??? I was there for Kevin you know~”
                        “I know. In fact I was thankful to Kevin. If weren’t for him I might never found you~ although it was not the only way to meet you.”
                        “What do you mean?”
                        “Your junior, my sister, remember??” Said Junhyung smirking.
                        “So, what? If you haven’t notice, I only knew that you guys are sibling based on a picture in her phone. Other than that, nothing.”
                        “Fine, anyway, give me your phone.”
                        “Why?” I couldn’t possibly give him my phone! That is what people call Private Confidential! He might saw his pic during XING’s time.           OTTOKE??
                        “Just give me~” He grabbed my hand and take the phone away.
                        “Now call me~” He demanded.
                        “Huh??!” o0oo he saved his phone number. Well he could just ask couldn’t he? Well, I really am not in the mood to fight with him.
            We left the dining room after each of the boys finished their food. I was about to leave with the girls and the boys until Junhyung holds my hand and tell me that he’s sending me home.
4.  1st Time I let U in mine, 2nd Time U hold me tightly!
            On our way to MY house, we were in silence. Moreover he kept on holding my hand, looking down without saying a thing. I wonder why… he was so talkative just now…
                        “Tell me~ When do you start using that pic of me for your wallpaper?”
                        “That wallpaper, it was during my XING’s time isn’t it? Kevin is so gonna burst into tears for losing his no.1 fan after our KISS”
                        “Yah! I, I, I… use it coz that’s the only one I’ve got in this new                                 phone… I bought it and it was already there saved~”
                        “Hey! I’m older, YAH~ if you say that again I’ll kiss you! Anyway                              come closer!”
                        “Wae… It is in the middle of the night and people might think                                   negatively~”  
                        “Why would people think that way when I’m holding my own girl, huh? Anyway come closer!” he pulls me closer; we even share his jacket together.
            I guess he saw my trembling hands, it was so cold… He holds my hand and put it in his pocket. He holds it really tight as if he would lose me if he let me go… I chuckled a little just thinking of it. He realized I was chuckling, he then pinched my nose and whisper to my ear; ‘You are my cute girl whom I kissed 2 years ago’ and I flinched afterwards. Feeling that my face gone red for no reason. He then chuckled and kisses my forehead. I felt happiness come to me within second and I was shocked. Did I just felt that my heart beat faster, did I forget how to breath that I started to get dizzy… or is it just his warmth wrapped me in joy. Then suddenly we bumped into something and we both fall to the ground. Seriously!!! Both of us were so shocked that we only left with laughter… he looks so calm and cute at the same time. I guess LOVE do conquers it all. I just felt like the world has stop and there was only me and him. I don’t know why but he really knows how to keep it going on with me.
            We finally arrived at my house but he didn’t let me go. It is too late already. So what I do next is so NOT me!
                        “Get inside, you can just sleep here tonight since it is already too late, come”
                        “HUH? Hyunji seriously? Are your parent not at home?”
                        “Nope, I’m staying alone, my parent are both in Canada right now.”
                        “What???! You’re kidding me? Alone? Kim Hyunji, you are NOT telling me that you live here all by yourself??!”
                        “Yup, it has been what… 7 years…”
                        “7 years and you didn’t bother to tell Hyuna bout it? Do your friends know you live alone? GOD you are so gonna cause me a heart-attack on one of these days”
                        “Of course my friends know. Hyuna knows too. She is always here when she got free time. She didn’t tell you? Wait! Why should she tell you! Anyway just get in, it’s freezing out here. Call your manager to pick you up tomorrow. Will that be okay?”
                        “1, you are MY GIRL, so I should know. 2, tomorrow is a no schedule-day since we just finished our concert. 3, tell me where is your university, your part-time place and who are your neighbors right now!”
                        “1, I started to be your GIRL today. 2, good then go wash up and I’ll wait here in the living room. You can wear anything from that wardrobe, they are my brother’s. 3, why should I tell you those stuffs? 4, don’t be so overprotective over me okay… I’ll be fine.” I finished my line and cuff his face in my both hands and he pouted! Soooooo cute!
                        “Fine, I’ll go wash up, but what I want to know I will know. Got it… where is the bathroom once again??? He...he...”
                        “The bathroom is over there, and you will never find out about it.”
            As Junhyung went to get himself wash up, I kept on thinking where to let him sleep. In my room there is only one bed, no sofa what so ever. Should I let him sleep on my bed, and I’ll sleep on the floor. But would he let me? Or should we share? Hmmm no way I would let a guy sleep with me on the first day we met! Thoughts run through my head, then suddenly a flash of a human image got in the way~ it was Junhyung and he was shirtless! God that build-up abs~ they are so calling me. Kim Hyunji! Please! Stop it!
                        “Girl~ I’m done, what’s next… oh BTW…I already knew what I wanna know. Your friends are truly great, gotta love them for that.”
                        “What! You ask my friends? Good, so no need for me to tell you then. Uh, can you get dress?”
                        “Uh, you right. Wait, am I a temptation to you? Wow! That’s good news” leaving small chuckles as he put on a shirt on his well-build body. Wait! Is he wearing that black-tight-non-sleeves shirt? Why must he wears that one, it’s the gift that I gave to my big brother~
                        “What are you staring at, my love~” whispering~
                        “Huh! Nothing, just wondering, why you pick this BLACK-TIGHT-NON N SLEEVES shirt, I thought you like LOOSE-BIG-ENORMOUS shirt.”
                        “This is the LOOSE-BIG-ENORMOUS shirt that your brother got. The only one that fits me.” He pouted again. Seriously, where did he learn to be this cute? Wait… maybe I should give him the other shirt. He looks hot in it but so uncomfortable.
                        “Wait here kayh~ I think I got just what you need instead that LOOSE-BIG-ENORMOUS SHIRT of yours,” as I tried to stand up, something grab me from my waist and we seated on the edge of my bed. Junhyung pulls me into his arms and said;
5.  1st Time someone holds me, 2nd Time I let it happen with U!
                        “Stay, I’m fine anyway. Not that I hate tight shirt, it is just I don’t really want anyone else but you to see what I’ve got hehee~”
                        “But it’s cold, you need something warm”
                        “Yeah, you’re right, I need something warm, well~ I think I’ve got that covered.” hugging me tighter and his chin was on my shoulder. He should see my red-blushed cheeks. I think he saw them, as he gives me couple pecks on both of my cheeks making me blushed even more. There is no reason for me not to fall in love with him at this moment. But I know that isn’t right. I need to make sure that I can love him equal or better more than he loves me. I know I sound as if I’m not in love with him, but I need to be sure that I can love him, like he does. Or both of us gonna get hurt. I hate getting hurt and hurting people is not what I’d do!
            I was thinking where to put him to sleep, and then suddenly I hear something weird… Someone is snoring~ He falls asleep on my shoulder… I tried my best not to move, then he pulls me closer and we end up lying side by side on MY BED!!! I blushed so much as I take a closer look at his perfect look~ I wonder how time passes as I woke up and looking at the same perfection but this time his eyes are wide open. And he was smiling~ we are still in a HUG state of condition! GOD, he’s holding me tighter as I tried to get out of it.
                        “You need to let me go, so I can wash myself and make us breakfast” Hyunji! Morning Breath!!!! I cupped my mouth as fast as I could.
                        “Breakfast can wait, and baby… You don’t have Morning breath~ don’t cupped your mouth that way.” He leaned closer and pulls my hand. Without any hesitation he kisses me. In between kisses he whispered again and again ‘I love you so much Kim Hyunji’ I let him explore me, and keep trying to let him think that this is not my first intimate kiss. But I guess I failed as I hear him chuckling. I never thought that kisses could be this wild. His hands are all over me, and I just can’t let him stop. He is now shirtless as I caressed his bare back. Is this a good thing? NO! I need to stop this~ but before I could do anything, he hugs me and mumble something…’Ma Beautiful my girl and i, so Beautiful my girl’ he keeps on mumbling till he can finally look at my face and give light kiss on my lips.
                        “I can’t lose my control when I’m with you…”
                        “hmmm can I go and prepare our breakfast?” I asked awkwardly…
                        “I’ll help, better go and wash ourselves first then.”
            Junhyung would help me with everything, from cutting, frying even tasting~ he is so funny. He’ll pout if I’d stop him. Guess making breakfast together become one more important memory for both of us. I’m so happy that I left him with lots of kisses on his cute chubby cheek. I would definitely am going to fall in love with this Yong Junhyung. This is going to give the girls an explosion of word! They gonna ask me so many questions and would never stop till they know bout everything! Truthfully, I like it being alone with just him, it’s just like I’m no longer alone and someone is there to be with me. I couldn’t put any words to describe this feeling, yet I began to get insecure over everything. Either it is just my stupid feeling or something worst is really gonna happen. I know that so well that I started to feel suffocated every time I think bout it.
6.  1st Time Breakfast, 2ouble Time Happines!
            After we had our very first breakfast together, Junhyung asks me whether I can follow him somewhere. And I agree to go since being with him gives me happiness.
                        “Where are we going?”
                        “Somewhere, where you’ll kiss me and thanks me for bringing you there”
                        “Is kisses really needed in my reactions? I don’t think so, you P.E.R.V.E.R.T!”
                        “Oaaa, my lovely cute little girl~ Trust me! Kiss will landed on me today! Not only kiss but K.I.S.S.E.S!”
                        “You know English???! Wow talking bout Surprise heheee”
                        “Hmm? What?”
                        “Have you always thought that I know No English???”
                        “Yup, the girls said, it was showed during your Documentary Clips~”
                        “WTH!!! Girl! Listen! I’m a capable man, I do speak English. I mean I know English. I even wrote my own English Lyrics!”
                        “Dear! Why are you yelling, chillax~ I understand. Just don’t get mad… I was just, just…”
                        “Just? Baby don’t say that word~ If you said you’re kidding, I’ll pull off this car and kiss you like there’s no tomorrow~!” he chuckled.
                        “No! Yes! What I’m saying is, pay attention to the road!”
                        “You do want me to kiss you huh???!”
                        “Bwoh?! Junhyung-shi… FYI I’m still sleepy... so can I fall asleep now? Himdeuro~”
                        “Hyunji! Baby, don’t sleep. I’ll be bored to drive this long journey alone. Two hours to go there~ Baby, please~ please~” Pouting his cute lips together.
                        “I never knew that Poppin-dragon was thiiiiis cute!”
            Seeing his cute face give me this much of happiness! I wonder where are we going but I still want him to keep it as a surprise. Wow how demanding I am. We talked, laughed and pouting together.  This type of happiness comes once in a while before I met him again. The last time I felt it was during New Year’s Eve last year. My parent and my big brother were there. Yes my big brother, Kim Sohyun was there. People known him as the rookie actor who captures their heart through a drama called Dream High. That guy is my big brother who loves me dearly but sometimes nags me more than my mother would. Though I wish that Junhyung would realized that I’m THAT Kim Sohyun’s younger sister, but I know it is hard to notice it. Since our looks are totally different. Everything is different. If I went out with my big brother, people will say Kim Sohyun got himself a new girl. Though people already know that he got a younger sister, no one seems to bother whose that girl is.
            After two long hours of travelling, we finally reach our destination. As I come out of the car, I felt weird. It seems so familiar…
                        “Princess!” eaaa that voice??! PRINCESS!!! Oppa!
                        ‘Sohyun-oppa! Why are you here? Thought that you’re busy with your new drama??!”
                        “Junhyung asked me to come, beside when I found out that you guys know each other; I was surprised yet happy at the same time.”
                        “Wae? Do you know each other?”
                        ‘We met during an audition 4 years ago; I did told you bout the guy who saved from getting hit by a car didn’t I?”
                        ‘Wait! The one who save you is Junhyung-oppa??!” seriously? Oppa! You’re kidding me!?”
                        “Why would I? Anyway, come I got us foods already, the rest are waiting you know”
                        ‘Who is waiting?” as we go through a door, I saw only flashes of light. The reporters are here??! Huh?
                        “Everyone, I would like to officially introduce you to my little prince that I’ve hide for 3 years now.”
                        “Why is she your little princess? Are you dating? And why is Beast’s Junhyung is here with us?”
                        “Junhyung is a good friend of mine. And NO we are not dating. She is actually my sister. My cute little sister with 22o IQ number.~ heheee~”
                        “If she is your sister, why do you look so different? You don’t look like a family at all”
                        “Well that is because God made us this way. He made my little sister here, better than me.” Did my big annoying brother just say that?
                        “If she is your younger sister, than why did you hide her? She could have been a great supporter for you? Instead why did you choose to hide her?” okay that one hurts!
            “Actually, I was the one who asked my brother to hide me. I want him to be the best with or without me. People, you’ve already met me once, during our national Intelligent’s Quiz. And that’s why people still remember me as the nation Einstein. So by having me as his sister might be not a good way to start.”
                        “She is right. I want to be able to stand on my own feet before my little cute sister could affect my works.”
                        “One more thing. Why don’t you have the same intelligence as she is? How many is your IQ again, Sohyun-shi?” oh he’s right! I have never known my brother’s IQ!
                        “He’s IQ is 210 if I’m not mistaken.” A sudden answer by Junhyung, surprised me!
                        “210? Seriously??!” said one of the reporter.
                        “Yes, it is true. My IQ is 210. It is lower than my little princess, still not that far right.”
                        “Erm, I think we should stop here. They haven’t got their lunch yet. Thank you for your cooperation.” Said my brother’s manager. Nice one Joojin-oppa!
            It was the best yet shocking day for me. Junhyung explains to my brother that we are now dating. And to my surprised he said ‘good’. Is it just me or people really is trusting Yong Junhyung to take care of me? We had lunch together with my big brother, and Junhyung talks more with my brother than me. I wonder why people always believe that I and my brother are not siblings. Yes we have different looks, even different eyes colour but that doesn’t mean that we’re not sibling right?
                        “Hyunji, why aren’t U eating girl?” asks Sohyun.
                       “Nothing, I was just thinking bout what the reporters said bout us… are we that different?”
                       “Do you really need to even think about why you are so different when you’re these similar?” Said Junhyung pointing to the way we both hold our chopsticks. Heheee he’s right. We are similar no matter how do we look. This is what I love about Yong Junhyung. He knows what to say and how to comfort me so that I’m okay again.
7.  I’m trap, trap in Happines!
            After a great and full lunch, I asked my brother whether I’m allowed to stay with him now, that everyone knows who I am and this is what Junhyung’s answer…
                        “Sohyun, can’t she just stay with me? We got lots of rooms anyway in our new apartment. I’m sure the boys will love to live with her stead of only with ourselves… besides I can be sure of her safety. Aren’t like right now. Do you know she had been living alone for 7 years now???!”
                        “Junhyung-ah you sure a pusher. Of course I know. Sometimes I’ll stay there with her. And about staying with you, I don’t think that as a bad idea anyway. Since we are neighbor. So sis, you’ll stay with BEAST then. If you need anything, juts ring my doorbell kayh!”
                        “Oppa! Andwae! No way! Oppa! I need to be independent! The only reason why I asked is because… because this guy told me to stay with him! That’s why!”
                        “Since he already said yes, then baby, let’s go. We need to start packing now. Actually you can just bring your precious lappy, books and your phone charger. Since we can buy the other stuffs.”
                        “See! He’s controlling me! Oppa! I’ll call mom and tell her that you’re not taking a good care of me! I will tell her that you left me with a stranger to stay with~”
                        “Sis, when will you stay with a stranger? Junhyung is a friend of me. Dear, mom knows him very well since he’s my savior. Besides there will be Doojun who I trusted with my whole life. You’ll be fine.” as he winks to Junhyung.
                        “Oppa! Junhyung! Stop kidding me this way. If you guys continue I’ll…”
                        “You will?” asks Junhyung. As he come closer and hugs me then he whispered something.
                        “Promised, I won’t do anything. Stay with me kayh. I need you to be close to me so that I can protect you. I love you so much that I don’t even trust anyone else except myself. Please~”
            Seeing us this way I guess eases my brother’s heart. He holds my hand and say,
                        “I believe that Junhyung will protect you better than me, sis. Don’t worry. I know he won’t hurt you nor make you cry kayh. If that ever happens, I will personally kill him.”
            Making me feels safe again. Fine! My brother said yes, he insisted for me to be there. I’ll agree with one condition!
                        “Agree but I have one condition.”
                        “Anything, my little cutie!”
                        “I’m staying with you, meaning with you! So that’s mean my friends need to know where it is and they can come anytime they want. Agree?”
                        “Wait I need to confirm this with the boys and our manager.”

Well that is it, for now...
Izzat Wan

Thus, it is

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