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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yes it is all about you, don't you get it???!

Tonight something happened and U know? It happens because of your so called innocence mind! I am so damn mad now! I cried! She cried! Even the Phone almost died! What are U doing huh? Backstabbing your own people based on what ever mind of yours! I know U are the PERFECT little girl who is flawless, lovable, caring, honest, nice, great, n intelligent. Good! it is U'rself to be! But U know what? U have cause me n the other to be in such a pain that make even the hardest rock melt. Do you really think what we're saying aren't true? psst! Damn it's true! U say that it is hurt to hear bout people talking behind your friends back, well Sis let me tell U this! What U n your little friends had done was not only talking behind me but also stabbing me into pieces U little!!!!!!! Yes U're right I'm not as a good Muslimah as U but at least when people say I'm wrong I tried to see whether is it true that I'm wrong or not. I never tell people to "Shut Up!" WTF! Do U even know what it means? U might cry or even scream after U read this. But read this one sentence carefully:
I Will Never Be As Good As I was, Cause U Made Me Think That I Am Such An Idiot For being So Childish!
Well I don't care! What ever U say won't do me any good~ Well I think it's not your parent fault, it's yours! U are such a moron who never learn how to accept the facts that U are actually wrong!

Huh! Finish bout being such a jerk~ I need to let it go! I am so sick of talking behind this one person. I wanted her to know that I am no longer at any circumstances would care about her pretty little life. Do as U wish and get lost! Bye! 

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