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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Erm It is now Officially Breaking me...

I know you read this, and you will read this one too. I have lied to you, million times. Saying I'm over you. That's not true. No matter where U are and who U're with, I'll be wondering bout U. I heard U fall in Love, I stalk U'r FB watching U falling in love. Though I'm happy that U're Happy but deep inside I'm broken into pieces. U will never love me as much I love U cause U will never think of me that way. Not anymore. I am just a merely online friend now... T_T sad indeed. I love U so much that I didn't care if U're hurting me. I didn't bother if U laughing at me. But cries and feel suffocated when U weren't there. I start playing Basket because of you, and now stop playing because of you. Yes U're right! Why am I being so stupid for being like this. Why do I go crazy because of U? Well the answer is unknown. I hope if we ever meet, I will have the courage to say it again, right at U. I want U, I need U, I am fit to be yours. I can be better than any girl you have been with. All those girls who leave for only God knows why... I am telling U, I just need U to give that chance. I need U to let me be there for U. Not only as friend. I know we're too far from each other. Going on dates won't be even the idea of this relationship but... trust me. My heart opens only for U. And it had been this way for 4 long years. Yes 4 Years. Count it U'rselves. Because U know I love U. Am I being such a cheap girl for chasing U? Am I being so "gedix" for saying I love U? Am I being a whore for only having this heart for U? If I am, then it is my fault for believing that I will be Yours someday. I don't want U to be mine. I just want to be Yours. It is different U know. God! Why am I like this? I have promised U that I won't fall for you, no matter what happens. But that just it. I still can't love anyone else like I love U. So forgive for being such an irrational girl who goes chasing after U. If U think we can make it, give me that one chance. If really U will never open your beautiful heart to me, then  let me know, so that I can try to just think of other things than U...
I Love U.... M.H.B.A.H.
Sorry for not being able to hold on to our little promise.

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