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Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes! I wrote because of BEAST and to shout things that I can't seem to show~ Got Any problem with that??!

I am so gonna let it go. Now I am writing this one beloved blog of mine to say what I really felt bout BEAST, The Hottest 6 Men Ever! and bout my feelings. Some of my own feelings are really emotional and selfish. Well what can I say, I'm a emotional little girl who needs to be comfort by writing not yelling. I don't need to be harsh I know, but I need to say it exactly how I feel. FYI I obviously trying to not mentioning names cause for me it will brings me more painful yet adventures memories. I am known to be the most emotional person but please I don't embarrassed people the way some do. I don't call them DEVIL for being a jerk. Well everyone will be a jerk at times when they are angry, mad or hurt. It really depends on what they are feeling. So being a jerk is welcoming but being a hippocratic little angel is unacceptable. You don't go around and tell people who is wrong, stead look into yourself and think that you are actually wrong. I don't always know that I'm wrong but at least try I to. Well about my BEAST, they are undeniable. No one can convince me that there are better men than them. My future Husband? It is not included! Of course! I love them because they love what they do, which is singing. Plus they can dance and entertain, what can a fanatic fans like me ask for more? So stop asking me whether I'm going to marry them or worship them cause I'm not! I am just a fans like you who has her own idea about songs and moves. You're right, as Malaysian, we need to be proud of our products, but sir~ Let me think about it. If our products are as good as my BEAST men, then I'll reconsider in supporting them, thank you~ For further account, for me Malaysian singers are good but they need to care less bout money and think more about stamina and performances. Like my BEAST men, they sleep not more than 4 hours a day and you will Get Shock watching them. But if you expect to be supported by local fans but not working hard enough, than don't expect the expected~ I really am not saying that you guys do not work hard but you guys do not work hard enough. Yes my Beast Men got attentions and cares from us BU2tY but they are absolutely worthed to be getting that. So to all my friends who always busying yourself to asks me why do I wasted my money, time and love for my BEAST men, should stop. Because I am not WASTING anything for just being able to love and care for them.

Izzat Wan aka 김현지...

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