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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I will be the one who knows how to say GOODBYE to the one I love~!

Here I am, again. Looking forward to what I'm going to write. I keep on thinking bout this, the whole week. I need to get over it fast. Why can't I just believe that Love is a still far a way from me? Why can't I stop myself from thinking bout what I'm going to do, what will the reactions be? I keep on hearing words saying that there is no way that he and I can be together... Maybe, coz we're different. Coz I love him and he is probably not gonna be in love with me. He's star anyway. I'm not talking Yong Junhyung everyone... well i'm talking bout Yong Jaesoon heheeee just kidding! I called him by the name Jae-oppa now. At the same age as my Junhyung-oppa~ Well Junhyung-oppa was born later than him. Oh well to many hints! 

See why I love this guy? The fact that he's so cute scares me. But I do love him and maybe that is why I can't seem to stop myself from thinking bout Jaesoon-oppa~ He's the opposite of Junhyung-oppa~ Junhyung-oppa know nothing bout me, Jaesoon-oppa know stuffs bout me, bout how I embarrassed myself, how clumsy I am, how crazy I am. Yes Jaesoon-oppa knows all that but he didn't bother about it, coz for him I'm just a Friend, who he will never bother to meet. Coz I think he's afraid that I might confessed again. Don't worry I won't! Because now I think I can handle it, I can press it down. I can forget my feeling for U. I can make sure that U and I are just friends, and nothing more. So do come and see me, coz I want us to be BFFs forever. Coz I really need U to be there when I'm dying out of patience. So that I know that I got someone to always wait for me and pull me up when I fall. U need only to pull me up, not to bring me to the top kayh~ Just pull me up, that;s all. I don't want to be that girl anymore, the one who wished every night that U would see her, and that girl who would think that U'll love her back. No I won't! Promised! Just for U to know that, I do know that Love is not yet on my side, and when it comes it wouldn't be with U, I guess. Got to go~ Promise U'll be the one who will pull me up, please~ T_T

This will eventually happen but not from Jaesoon-oppa, from someone else, that is I'm sure!


  1. love the story.hey sis jaesoon of urs so handsome never knew this guy b4,hes cute though and is he an actor too?

  2. nope~ he did cameo in high through the roof during Gikwang's time but it was too short~


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