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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm going to meet MyBu2Tys! This Saturday!

I'm so happy that this time I manage to go to the Gathering. and it is for Kiki's Birthday. Though Gikwang and Beast won't be there (hehheeee) still I'm happy that I can finally meet the other~ Yes I am so excited that I did everything in such a hurry. Everything, my homeworks, my blogposts, Facebookposts~ All of them! even the present for the BU2Tys too~ Wanted to give them a suprised but yet... Money came in the way~ so I'm going to give U a hint~
 a simple thing that I did~ Not knowing the purpose of it. Just happily made it heheheee~ I should have done it better if I knew the purposes are~ Well that is me.. doing stuff without thinking the consequences~ I'm so happy for Yoseob for his first Musical~ and My baby Jae-oppa for his collaboration with Wheesung-ajushi~ Love the song! Also loving the fact that they got 2nd in Oricon Weekly Chart~ Beating Bigbang's records~ yeyeeee! Oh and yes... Bout my personal affairs~ I guess we decided to let it go~ Cause no one seems to think about it anymore, we just go by it~ well I found lots of Icons of the Boys lately heheee~ 

No wonder I fall in love with them over and over again~ they are so HOT and CUTE! BEAST are the BEST wherever they go~ And with that I bid U all GOOD NIGHT!


  1. wa!!nk sgt hadia ni..tpi orang blakang yg dpt..jelos nyer kt die..haha yg penting event 4 kiki ngan myb2uty mmg best!!

  2. cool sis,enjoy ur gathering for celebrating kiki's burfday...same age as us man.and u knw wat my ex-chingu frm the same secondary n class as me last time.i and her still contact one another eventhough we are in different university she likes kikwang alot.her fav in beast....

  3. waaaa~ Thaza! sorry kalu taw ak bwk dua~ nnt ak wat lagi ye~ lg cun punye~
    MayyenYesuCloud-sis~ erm! it was greAT~ Love them all so much. hope there will be time to meet them again for Dongwoon's~


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