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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Are U?

Today I know the truth and it hurts so much that I want to cry and cry. Not only that the things that I want to do the most is to punch someone, kick them then throw them in the dustbin! 
What do you know about truth and lies, when U u'relf keep thinking that U'r true! Well U are actually B#@$&es of the world~ I felt like I want to tell your parent that, U'r so called good girl is actually the worst human ever seen. She does not let herself fucked nor she throw herself to alcohol but she made a clear image of being such a moron by cursing people who she assume worst than her. HAHAHAHAHA let me tell you, U are the worst ever! WTF + GTH and never tell me that U'r a Muslimah again~ I don't care anymore for such a disgusting object. Even animal know their own way. But U? Thinking positively bout stuff huh? Keep on doing it, cause after this 9-Days Vacation, U will feel like U're living in HELL! I hate it, when U look so innocent in front of people but trust me U look like a real Whore in front of my eyes. More than that actually! 

God! Izzat Wan! Control U'rself. They are just pathetic who think that they are the Angels! HELL! Angels are far, too far to be compared with U! U are no better than those disgusting insulting S#!t! I am so mad with myself now. Why should I even care bout U anymore!!!! Argh! Hate it!

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