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Monday, April 25, 2011

Heute ist der 25. April 2011...

Aaaaah Ich bin nicht Ich!

Yeah me too~ I'm scared to death! Oppa, ich muss von heute bis 18. Mai dich verlassen. Ich muss auswendig sein, nicht nur das, ich höre deine Lieder auch nicht mehr. Ich lade nur die Videos und Lieder unter. Ich hoffe, dass du mir verstehst. Ich muss stark bleiben, um dich nicht zu treffen. Bitte vergiss mich nicht. Nach dem 18.Mai will ich nach dir noch einmal suchen, mach keine Sorgen, ich will dich sehr viel vermissen. Ich verspreche dich, ich will B2 sehr gute Noten bekommen. Ich will alles gut machen, deswegen, ärgerst dich nicht. Ich versuche jeden Tag dich zu erinnern. Ah ja, du sollst wissen, dass ich nicht mehr 20 Jahre alt bin. Ich würde 21 dieser 6. Juni. Bitte sei gedüldig.
trink doch eine und vergiss nicht, richtig zu essen. Oppa, du darfst nicht zu rauchen, trinken und ander Mädchen schauen!  Ich will sehr böse werden, falls ich etwas Schlechtes höre. Bitte sei vernüpftig, um deine Körper zu kümmern. Schlaf nicht so spät und bleib bitte Fit! Ich will sicherlichkeit zu dir gehen und sagen alles was mit mir schon passiert wird, das überzeuge ich mich mehr. Also ich muss so meine Hausaufgaben und Wiederholung bis Ende machen. Ich muss jetzt gehen. Bis Morgen! 

Mein Schatzt, Ich Liebe Dich so Sehr!!! 
Viel Spaß beim Singen und Tanzen!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

APINK~ Song List~ AlbumCOver and yes my fav~


1- Seven Springs of APink
2- I Don't Know
3- It Girl
4- Wishlist
5- Boo

my, my, my their MV was great! cute! and adorable! I mean KIKI was like the cute Prince and the girls were like Knights that fell in love with the Prince Teehee~ Nice!

Naeun surprised me the most. She was so pure and untouchable. Namju shows her true self heee, Chorong is a true leader, she shows the best attitude. Hayoung and Yookyung make me believe that they are truly princesses~ Well the Main Vocalist Eunji always make me smile listening to her sweet-crispy-voice, love it girl! And yes Bomi~! Never thought she'd be one of the main Vocalist too. WaO! they are great. Can't wait for them to come to Malaysia! A Cube + Cube what a surprised!

I read bout KPOP but sometime I'm pissed of that something.

 BEAST - Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Dujun,
Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung (hubby) and Son Dongwoon

Hye Yeomm~, long time no write, right? Sorry been busy and yet still busy with them. hmm, there are a lot of KPOP news lately. So happy to read bout it, but why do they missed out the names, group members and their songs? I love KPOP so much that sometime when they mixs the name between members from my non-likable group makes me mad, too. I mean, when u go for KPOP news, first RESEARCH are needed. Yeah people said to me, "Tak Masok EXAM pon, bce, gilekan dan dengar KPOP nie" Fine! Still that is my passion. I need to relax myself like  everyone does. No matter how we do it, it is our personal choice. So if anyone would love to tell news, write them spread, well U should give the RIGHT, NON-WEIRD news. Please people, I'm one of the hard-core-KPOP-fans. Yeah I know you'll say, "Hey kalo camtuh ko tulihlah news tuh" Well if I only know how to such thing I would have. I mean I want to contribute to such place but since I have not yet found a way to do so, I felt weird just to do it.  I knew lots of my friends out there think I'm such a weird girl for loving KPOP these much but I didn't say a word about their favourite, in facts I sometime love them too. So if U want to give me news bout KPOP provides me with the right one, non remake stories nor typo texts... 
Well got to go. Studying for B2 Probe Prüfung ( B2 Mock Exam)... T_^

Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Many, yet Too Less TT

I need M.O.N.E.Y to continue living! RM600 for my Examination, RM275 for Digi Broadband, RM33 for our Gathering, RM800 for LG Lollipop, and yes RM+++ for daily food for two months. Huuu Too Many to pay, Too Less I have. I already receive RM500 from my parent for the Examination. Settled for that, but where can I find RM275 for My Internet and where to get them fast? I need to work but when will I have time to do the Homeworks and works at the same time? Can anyone please tell me how to do this, how to settle this? I don't need million to have a peaceful life just need enough to go by it... Sadly, I'm to afraid to work behind my parent's back... What to do? Need money urgently~ How immature for me to wrote all these. I'm 21 yet have financial problems? GOD I need to do something bout this. Guys if you're reading this, give me some ideas on how to improve and manage my financial~ I need to be good at it, fast! I tried to calculate and buy things that I desperately need but still it gives me big problems. Wanna have enough money just for a good crazy life but not getting any nearer to it. I didn't go to SS3, will not be going for BigBang+2NE1 and also will not even try to go to JYJ's, so how? BEAST aren't coming here during this time around so I got lots to spare.. But how to keep it real? Okay shall I pay RM175 first, and in May I'll pay another RM175 wow! That's scary! Oh My Financial Ministry, and Education Ministry... Why can't you help me with the Examinations and the books? Okay I know, in stead of my small problems, you guys got even BIGGER things to handle. I understand but... I'm having the times of my life where I desperately need it. I should have spare it earlier~ yeah I get it, it is actually my fault~ Thanks but no Thanks then...

Thus, it is

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