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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I read bout KPOP but sometime I'm pissed of that something.

 BEAST - Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Dujun,
Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung (hubby) and Son Dongwoon

Hye Yeomm~, long time no write, right? Sorry been busy and yet still busy with them. hmm, there are a lot of KPOP news lately. So happy to read bout it, but why do they missed out the names, group members and their songs? I love KPOP so much that sometime when they mixs the name between members from my non-likable group makes me mad, too. I mean, when u go for KPOP news, first RESEARCH are needed. Yeah people said to me, "Tak Masok EXAM pon, bce, gilekan dan dengar KPOP nie" Fine! Still that is my passion. I need to relax myself like  everyone does. No matter how we do it, it is our personal choice. So if anyone would love to tell news, write them spread, well U should give the RIGHT, NON-WEIRD news. Please people, I'm one of the hard-core-KPOP-fans. Yeah I know you'll say, "Hey kalo camtuh ko tulihlah news tuh" Well if I only know how to such thing I would have. I mean I want to contribute to such place but since I have not yet found a way to do so, I felt weird just to do it.  I knew lots of my friends out there think I'm such a weird girl for loving KPOP these much but I didn't say a word about their favourite, in facts I sometime love them too. So if U want to give me news bout KPOP provides me with the right one, non remake stories nor typo texts... 
Well got to go. Studying for B2 Probe Pr├╝fung ( B2 Mock Exam)... T_^

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