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Sunday, February 27, 2011

BEAST 500th days after Debut!

Today is the day!!! 27 February 2011.
  1.  I wish the boys will be the B2ST ever!
  2.  I wish they will always be healthy. 
  3. I wish they get enough rest. 
  4. I wish they will always be happy.
  5.  I wish they will never get hurt.
  6. I wish that they will be together forever
  7. I wish they will have a long life.
  8. I wish they will always be in a good relationship.
  9. I wish they will come to Malaysia twice a year.
  10. I wish that I can say 500 wishes today for them.
  11. I wish that BEAST will be World Star.
  12. I wish that BEAST will be going to more Variety shows.
  13. I wish that They will always stay the same.
  14. I wish that I can see them everyday.
  15. I wish that BEAST will have 500 songs
  16. I wish that I can collect everything bout BEAST
  17. I wish that I can learn Hangul faster so that I can talk to BEAST
  18. I wish that BEAST will found out about this 500 wishes
  19. I wish I can do this in one hour
  20. I wish BEAST can see how mush I love them
  21. I wish BEAST can always sing as good as they always do
  22. I wish that They will win Mutizen awards everyweek
  23. I wish Gikwang will win best new supporting actor
  24. I wish Doojoon will win also the best new supporting actor
  25. I wish Hyunseung has Twitter
  26. I wish Dongwoon will be more active in Variety Shows
  27. I wish Yoseob can sleep while travelling
  28. I wish Junhyung will be my husband
  29. I wish Junhyung will compose more songs
  30. I wish Yoseob will be the best Male singer
  31. I wish Hyunseung will be the best dancer
  32. I wish Dongwoon will be the cutest Maknae
  33. I wish Doojoon will be the BEST leader
  34. I wish Gikwang will be the best entertainer
  35. I wish BEAST will have 50000000000000 Fans
  36. I wish CUBE Ent. will released Welcome and Welcome Back to BEAST Airlines DVD soon.
  37. I wish that BEAST will be known all over the world
  38. I wish that they will have a good time in Japan
  39. I wish that I will be able to finish this Post!
  40. I wish to sing all BEAST songs everyday non-stop
  41. I wish to have all BEAST stuffs
  42. I wish that I can turn back time and go to BEAST 1st Showcase in Malaysia
  43. I wish I have known BEAST longer than I live!
  44. I wish that I'm a korean so that at least I'll have a chance to meet them anywhere
  45. I wish that BEAST can sing to ME OASIS
  46. I wish that it is not YET late to say I Love You BEAST!
  47. I want to hear Junhyung say 'Nan Niga Jeil Joha'
  48. I want to hear Gikwang call me 'Beautiful'
  49. I want Yoseob say this to Junhyung " take care of my girlfriend (say No)"
  50. I want to stop my SOOM whenever Junhyung says this I'm sorry
  51. I want to get Shock everyday
  52. I want to be Junhyung's Bad Girl
  53. I want to be Hyunseung's Mystery younger Sister
  54. I don't want to be in Lightless when Dongwoon cries
  55. I don't want to Breakdown when Doojoon got hurt
  56. I want to be in Lights Go On Again whenever Gikwang calls my name
  57. I want to Thank You BEAST for being there, always
  58. I want to be that Special as I'm Clenching My Fist Tightly
  59. I will let people says BEAST is THE BEST
  60. I will let BEAST Mastermind me with all of their charms
  61. I want to V.I.U (very important You) to all of the BEAST members
  62. I won't let U go When This Door Closes
  63. I will Let It Snow so that we can cuddle all night long!
  64. Just Before Shock I will let Junhyung knows how much I love him
  65. I won't be EASY on antis, or people whose hurting ma BEAST Boys!
  66. I want to be there when They cry or laugh
  67. I will stay as BU2ty till they told me to stop
  68. I won't stop even they told me to stop
  69. I will love BEAST 4ever
  70. I will repeat these 100 wishes 5 times to make them come true
  71. So now I will have 5x100 wishes for my BEAST boys
  72. I will prepare better next time to celebrate BEAST 1000th days
  73. I will work hard and be with BEAST next time they come to Malaysia
  74. I will buy all albums when I got enough money kekeke
  75. I will buy all the T-shirts that I think Junhyung will Love
  76. I will buy all the Shades that Junhyung will like
  77. I will help Junhyung to have a room filled with Hats
  78. I will makesure to buy 6 tees for the bOYS
  79. I will buy all of the boys stuffs so that they'll be closer to me
  80. I will never leave BEAST no matter what!
  81. I will be the very BEST B2UTY BEAST has ever seen
  82. I will try to go to all My B2utys gathering!
  83. I want to say I love You Yong Junhyung 5 Times a Day
  84. I want to dance all Beast's songs and create my own moves to their songs
  85. I want to be able to write letters to them
  86. I want to see them sleep when they got some rest
  87. I want them to love all Bu2tys as much as we love them
  88. I want to dedicate this 100 wishes times 5 to BEAST
  89. I will go to Korea and go to your concerts
  90. I will go wherever U go to show you that I love you!
  91. I want to be U'r no.1 Bu2ty whether U like it or not kekeke
  92. I won't let others hurt BEAST
  93. I won't let Bu2tys do stupid stuff that are going to suffer BEAST
  94. I want to get marry to Junhyung for eternal life
  95. I want to kiss that delicious lips of yours Yong Junhyung
  96. I am left with 4 WIshes
  97. I wish that BEAST will last the longest
  98. I wish that I will be able to stay with BEAST as long as live
  99. I wish that I can see Junhyung abs~
  100. Lastly... I wish that I have 5 klons of mine to takecare of all 6 BEAST boys from harm!
with this I'll bid my goodbyes!
another 400 wishes are wished by my Bu2Tys family! But not gonna told U coz it is theirs!

BEAST HAppy 500th DAys and I love You!!!

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