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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I need that Pouting Face NOW!!!

I need it.
I need to show that I'm angry, sad, mad and so not in the mood for this.
I was so close, I almost explode for something not even worthed!
I need to tell this PEOPLE, you are being such a kid!
yes! I'm a kid, a 21 years old girl who has the mentality of 10 years old boy!
So what? Do I have to tell you that you are taking me lightly and disrespect me?
No! That is not the Idea of being the Elder one~
Elder tells us what is wrong and what is right, but elder do not have the right to control us....
Correct, and I am even not interested to involved in your pretty life.
So let me be in my own life.

I was so happy that today I managed to clap, sing and talk with people who care.
I know you care guys, but to me it means something else.
I am not interested to be involved in your cute way of telling people do what you want~
I know you will never know bout this whole tantrums of mine, good no need to know!
Just get off!
Let me do What I Know I'm Best At!
GOD if you just give one more chance, I wanna change everything~
It feels like I'm regretting for ever being nice and obedient to these people~

~It feels like I'm writing a song of ANGER~ 
~Sorry, I got so much emotions in Me right now~
~Forgive me for being a bit Rude~
~Don't read if you're not in the mood to know the current ME~
Bye~ Bye~

1 comment:

  1. sis me too very frustrated and sad in my me ooo...


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