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Friday, October 14, 2011

My day, his day and their day...

A day to go, then it is BEAST 2nd Year Anniversary! To my brother, don't worry, eternal love is only for Allah and you can really find someone else than that girl. She ain't nothing compared to you. She can badmouth you anytime she want but trust me she's the one who at loss for losing you. I'll pray for your happiness dear one. Keep it strong! 

I really hope that with this I can help myself to look forward to love. Since our hot Junhyung already got Hara so I guess I need to look for one t0o kekeke... Just kidding. Not having one till it come to me itself! Dear heart broken people, listen to this song by Craig David Ft Sting entitled Rise and Fall, you'll be fine. Pray to God that you will find a better lover and longer love to have.

Last but not least, to you Jaesoon-shi goodbye... I let you go with all of my heart now. I am only your fans no longer the one who love you. We're not meant to be together I know so it's okay really, you're not the first who let me down, others had done it t0o. So yeah I love the way I am now, although I really wish that someone can actually love me as it is. I just want to feel the true love that is so hard for me to feel since I'm not as admirable as other girls around. Oh well let just see how my life will go on. "Suddenly, it struck me, I t0o weak to let it go.... wah it is this hard, never knew it would be. One way or another, I'm still want to be that shining light for you though you choose to have the other.... " is what I wrote for my FB status just now. So I hope that I did not need to read nor write them again... after I found someone who can make me smile better than I am now.

Don't be sad boys! Your hardcore fans will be as happy as she was before. Pinky Promise!

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