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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another day goes by, But meeting U like this would be great!

It was during this time around, I thought of going to get mad out of myself for being such a indecisive human being. I choose to be stuck in this place for as long as GOD knows. I was going for the inconvenience store to go and get my daily coke but then I stop for I to see that dark figures coming closer to me. There were 6 of them. Walking without caring about the surrounding, which tells me to run the minute they reach me. I felt like the world stop the moments they reach in front of me. Without saying a word, one of them, the long blonde-like haired holds my hand and asks me,
"Are U okay? How could U fall to the ground that way?"
"Uh? Nothing, but what are U all doing here? Aren't U suppose to be in Korea, what are U doing here in Malaysia?" What time it is? It is like 10 p.m and U Yong Junhyung! U were injured from the last concert! What were U thinking, jumping from such high place?" 
They look at me as if they were going to burst something off. But then he chuckled. Those chuckling that only my Poppin-Dragon could do.
"Just come with us, U're going our special Girl for today. Beside I didn't get hurt that bad."
"What do you mean by not that bad? I cried three days nonstop and I am still having bad day from it."
"Okay, I'm sorry Jang Hyunji! aka Joker900606 or Izzat Wan! It is not as if I could turn back the time and tell myself not to jump."
Yeah he is, the one that make me so insecure these days, the way he said names and how he react towards it scares me.
"So are U coming or not? We need to be hurry... There are stuff to be buy and things to search~"
"Huh.. No, I'm not going. I need to be somewhere else, other than falling deeper in U, so I'm not going with U,"
"Wae? Wae nan oppa ga chuannie?" I sigh~
"Don't ask stupid question. Come we got to go. I'll stay with you if you're too afraid of the others"
"Why would I'd be afraid of your friends, I'm actually terrified of you."
"Good keep being terrified by me. It's actually a good thing"
"what do you mean by that?'

They brought me to a place where I know exactly where it is. Yoseob's favourite Tower. KLCC.

"okay what is this about?" I asked bravely.
"You know I'm Hara's BF right?"
"yup, thank God! U finally got an innocence girl for once!"
"you're okay with it?"
"more than okay! U need a girl Oppa! Everyone knows that!, beside when I heard it's Hara it calms me more than ever! Finally the player got a proper life!"
His members were laughing hard.
"she's right Junhyung-ah, we all know u need one." said Gikwang.

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