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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Someone translate it and yes I love it!


As you guys know,
when we first came out from the world, we were called as “recycle idol”.
Old/used idol, recycle idol.. It wasn’t really easy.
It was hard, but that said it wasn’t wrong either. To get used to as “recycle idol”, we made fun of it and laughed it off. 
As we look it at now, we probably tried to feed off each other.

We got our strength from you b2uties during our hard days. 
When we got our first 1st place, we cried because we were so thankful in bottom of our hearts. 
Public Broadcasting Music Show 1st Place, 1st place 3 times in a row. As we grew, we wanted to whine so you could compliment us. In our hearts, b2uties were the big presence. Your presences are really getting bigger than ever!

When people said, if you are going to do fan service like that, you are going get tired.. but I get tried by eating. 
Its obvious that when you are hungry, you are suppose to eat and when you are thinking about your fans, you are suppose to express it. 
Some b2uties think that I’m going to get hurt somehow, but dont worry about it! 
I’m not like a guy who has a heart of kukudas. (Used one of the mention.. plagiarizing)

When we appeared to the stage today, we saw the fan seats that said B E A S T. My eyes and nose hurt atthat moment. 
I was so overwhelmed and wanted to cry. 
But as you know, when you are singing, you cant cryㅋ
I just stayed calm and did my best on singing! 
Its really frustrated that you cant really express enough to say thank you.

Finally, its the 2nd year.
B2uty and Beast Beast and B2uty 
Lets get older together..ㅎㅎ

To get older means lets be together forever!
I feel bad when nuna fan sees this
I’m hungry right now..

Ah, Our Korean words are so hard
He… right now.. I’m really sleepy and not really good at writing so I’m done for now.

The things that I wanna say are 
sorry, thank you and love you!
Good night!

Please take out with proper credit
Credit: Dan

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