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Monday, September 26, 2011

Me the currently me~

I'm still a B2Uty since like forever~ In love with Yong Junhyung who is currently Goo Hara's boy! SO damn happy for them! I'm also an A N G E L as for R E D O's fans~ In love with B1A4's songs... also add up to that Boyfriend, Infinite, APink, 4Minute, JYJ, and also G.Na's fans... Kekeke so many Kpop-Idols that I'm in love with. though my true heart goes to that _o_ ! kekeke! Hope he knows! that last post~ Actually it was not my 1st. Probably 2nd! before him there was a guy who is now a good friend of mine. I realised that it was not possible since we hardly met, and I think to develop that feeling so early was not right... Hope you forgive me my friend for being so stupid kayh~

Although I told myself that I'm strong but unfortunately I'm not. I'm so sad to know how cruel I am as people call me selfish, irresponsible, and much more. I don't know what else to do... I did everything I can but still I look so stupid in front of them. Yeah they are always right and I am always wrong. Too tired of life that make me so miserable and pathetic. I'm too upset now. Should I quit because of her or should I confront her? She's like a mother to me! But why do I have to be like a mother to her? Is she that fragile? Well does it mean that I'm that hard? Hell no! I'm such a crybaby and I thought everyone knows that! 

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