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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I want to say is...

  1. I need time to see whether I would be ready to have someone to call Boyfriend.
  2. I need time to reconsider the fact that I am so much in Love with a guy named Yong Junhyung.
  3. Although this guy (Yong Junhyung) knew nothing about me but I'm sure he loves me too, not only me but the other 120000 fans of his (which are the B2uTys)
  4. I wish that I would have time to say that I am so much in confuse because I really need that guy to know that I am so much in love with him. Something that I never felt before. I admit I used to fall with lots of Korean Boys such as Xiah Junsu, Eunhyuk, Heo Youngsaeng, Jang Wooyoung, Onew, even his teammate Yang Yoseob but none of them make me feel like this.
  5. I need to have my time to find it myself why am I feeling this way. I wish that I could tell the world and to him to stop making me feel this way. I need a real life to live. Not a fantasy one. I hope that this really is just a fantasy.
  6. I always am indecisive in what to do when I met someone, but it is totally different about Yong Junhyung. I want to see him, meet him, talk to him and he can never forget me. Is that LOVE? Well If you read this, just think that i am just being such a fanatic.
  7. I reconsider myself as a big fan of him, not just him but all about him. I cry whenever he talks bout stuffs that hurt him and his teammates. I even assume this is the first time it happens. I used to cry when Jaejoong got hurt, even when Junsu can't sing but this is different. He is not physically hurt, but mentally.
  8. I am so fine if he just go somewhere and tell everyone that he is resting instead of going around looking tired. But I know he loves what he is doing right now. I make myself to believe that he'll be fine.
  9. When he posts something on Facebook I will get so excited, but when he talks about girls I got jealous. I used to say that IDOLS have their own privacy but this time I want him to only have me as one of his privacy. Is that harsh? It is right?
  10. All over the place I will think and wonder what is he doing right now? Is he sleeping? Is he practicing? Performing? Discussing? Crying? In sadness or is he just plain Happy bout his current life? I am so damn curious bout stuffs that he eat, take and care daily. I really wish that he can understand all this so that he knows that there will always be a girl who loves him from the bottom of her small heart~ 

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