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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want to hug you and tell you this...

My Coke-Lover Boyfriend!

I was so close from getting tired of works and studies. But you make me strong again, i just love the fact that I can look forward in loving and knowing you cause I know that with you around I'll be lot more stronger than anyone I know. I know I sound silly but this is the truth. I almost cry whenever I think about my past and my future. But when I saw a glimpse of your image make me smile again. I always think more than once how to tell you all of the stuff that I want you to know. But I know it would never be a reality though how much I love you, cause there thousands more who love you. I used to think that I might be a crazy fanatic inappropriate fan, but then how do you explain all those adjectives when you only meant to love and cherish them...
I know that you are so damn tired with all of the schedules, but don't be sad... I'll be here waiting till you come so then I'll be there to cheer you up. It ain't easy task but regarding such things I know I'm so much better than anyone else. 
Are you always that way when you're texting....?

Call me whenever you want, yell at me when you're angry, scream at me when you're frustrated, cry on my shoulder when no one's around, laugh with me when you're happy, smile at me when you're in love and always look for me when you need someone to lean on. I'll be there no matter when or why, cause I think I love you more than anyone I ever love and that's hurt.

Yup~ You are the one!

Hmmm? Fine Shhhh~ *_T

I'll keep it a secret for sure, No one will know, no one will see the truth, and when they'll do it would be Too Late for them to talk about it. I Love You For Who You Are & I Guess You Know That Already... 
Sleep Tight and Love You 4 Eva dear!

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