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Monday, January 24, 2011


I just want to slap someone right now. I kept on getting mad about stuffs. Stupid stuffs, things that weren't matter much to me before. I thought I'd change but this is no good things.I was so strong bout myself, but then I felt like I'm being too soft, too kind and too tolerant. I need to show them whose mature and whose better but I refused to look old. I kept on calming myself with my BEAST Boys's Songs. Though it works but still calming myself weren't that easy when there are a lot of things that make me angry again. Well I will see you tomorrow my baby~ Wait for me kayh!


  1. annyeong sis love ur blog here cantik sgt background a fan of beast too heheh hi5 sadly did not go meet them at kpop digi live.takda luck menang ticx.fortunately i ada pergi meet them last yr kat 1 utama for their autograph session,sis did u go?they were all gorgeous looking on stage masa diorang sign kitorang punya cover disc.handsome diorang kan dlm reality??

  2. erm! U are right~ sadly I didn't go coz pegi UKISS x perasan BEAST dtg~ bleh lak cmtu kan~ tp nyesal giler x g BEAST aritu!!!!

  3. hehe takpe la unnie i pun tak gi tengok ukiss.u knw wat before we get them sign our album book we were not allowed to shake hands with em this was so unfair to us.very dissappointed we bought the discs and we must be given equal treat.but no they are not like dat.the host told us not to.and frm dat day onwards i hate him alot.


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