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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing to say anymore~

I was amazed, by how people could make up lies and pretend that they are there for you... They just love to do it so that people realised how much important they are. Trust me, I never ever thought I'd be broken hearted as this, I was so close from crying because I have give my trust, and they are ruining it. I meant it this way coz I was impatient in things that are telling me the truth. They lied and pretend that they care but behind me, they talked, they bashed, they cursed me in a way that I guess they themselves didn't understand the words. It hurts me everytime but I just can't say it out loud coz they'll just think I am one immature person who doesn't really care bout how others felt. If I am so, then just abandon me for real. Don't make me trust you all anymore. I've said it that I'll never ask for your help anymore, though it would be the best thing to do. Honestly I hate it! Really hate everything that is happening around me. I am trying calming myself by hearing my favourite songs, but listening to these songs make me feel more depressed. They pretend to know me, but hell they don't. I just wished that I would have never encounter them but it doesn't work so...

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