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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Honestly? I hate people who ask me everything! why is it so weird if someone wash their clothes? or someone baths? or is it just me who you care bout?  I don't need such stupid ridiculous questions~ hmmm you think you are that innocent huh? puff~ let alone innocent! you are not even a cat! just let me be what i want to be~ Stay out of my life! Just do what you want to do with yours~ I can't say this straight to your face coz you know why? you will cry! everyone will! they will take your side and i will be brought to the big boss and they will ask me all those stupid questions and then they'll say that they disappointed with me and can't believe that i'm such a person~ so? what? am i supposed to be like what you guys want? because of all of you, I say stuff that I would never say to my mom! MY MOM!!! you got that!!! my mom!!! the one that i love the most!!!! and hell you noticed that!!! you all just so busy doing what ever you're doing!!! do you realised how angry i am actually? no you don't!!! you are just so blind to realised that! beside i am just some immature girl that is already 20 years old~ heck! u guys will never know the real me!!! coz what you see is just some imposter called Izzati!!! she is just the fake of me~ the real me? hmm~ is someone who will just says what she wants~ someone who will never care bout anyone else~ I will never borrow your  money, eat your food nor sleep on your bed!!! NEVER! you got that! NEVER!!! coz you why? coz you will tell everyone what i am, i do and i eat!!! so back off and go to hell!!!!!
wanna know something else? I was so happy coz i manage to dwnld the whole live video of BEAST/B2st~ but then you came and destroy everything~ "kak ti g mandi~ Kakti g basoh bju~ Kakti bayar utang x lg" WTF do I care!!! I already pay so? what else? I already bath so? I already wash do what else? do I really need to do what ever you guys are telling me? MOM I am so so so so so so so sorry~ for saying what i said~ it didn't meant for you~ i was just so angry and u came with una's name~ she already knew how angry i am when she ask me stuff~ why can't u just tell me that u are my mother? Do you see what these people do to your child? they said i'm immature more over i'm just a kid!!!! your daughter? your 1st child? mom i am so damn sad, nothing to described this one big feeling~ I didn't meant to say it to you~ i was angry with some other people and they didn't realised it~ instead i hurt you~ So sorry, I didn;t have any money to call you to tell you how sorry i am~ these people wiil talk behind me when i borrow their money~ You were right, they are not true friends~ they are just WTH!!! see how much pain i got rite now~ they are laughing mom~ they don't realised that i am mad!!! what to do? they will never see that... I'm going to stop~ need to do my homework~ so got to go~ or someone will say this... "kak ti da siap homework?" 

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  1. be patient..i already read ur post..what can we do..they are BIG GROUP rite..actually, i hate them with my stuff..WTH..seriously, i never carut2 key..4 them, first sorry coz i said so..hey, please dun enter my life..i hate them..fullstop!!!!


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