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Friday, May 28, 2010


today i enjoy myself going out with my good friends. i went out for lunch with adenin, hawa and umairah! it was great.. seeing someone who is not equal but same with hawa makes my day. all four of us enjoy the meal and yes! umairah is a kpop girl! that was absolutely great, to know someone who have the same interest with you...

then we went our separate ways. adenin and i went back to IPBA and change to a more appropriate close, one that is more good as we're heading to our next place which is MID VALLEY. though it was wrong to lie, but we had no choice. SORRY. so SORRY.. just we didn't want you guys to be upset. we went for the 'second lunch' with arefe and ajie... then we went for some 'shooting ball time'. 1st game was between me&arefe vs denin&ajie. fine denin&ajie won that one. then we went for boys vs girls! and i'm telling ya` all, we the girls won with 3 point ahead! we beat the boys with 109-112! then we went for our MOVIE TIME! I was dying to watch A nightmare   at elm street! dang! no place available! so we end up choosing LETTER TO JULIET. and i'm telling ya` all the truth... IT WAS ONE HELL GREAT MOVIE!!! YA ALL SHOULD TRY & WATCH IT! i cried twice! hell right! it was amazing! a 50 years old love! that is a really one true love.. but latin guys are romantic although they're old! haaaaa~ but still i had so much fun, that makes me not to leave that small paradise.. huuu! MID VALLEY a paradise? not really.. just for today heee~

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