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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ready to be annoyed....

arini saje je tulih same post ngan FB, one thing for sure, i'm too tired to think what is right and what is not. i'm sure that i won't even look back if i took this chance. but honestly, i'm regretting stuff that i shouldn't really think about. hari ni, kami semua akan bergerak ke GI and tell you what, i'm so damn scared! not too mention that this evening i'm going to mid-valley to buy stuff for MPP's and also meine Mutters Geschenk. i wanted to suprise ihr to tell her how ich liebe ihr... me and meinen bruder had das vorbereitet... aahhhhh tercampo2 bahase lak.. xpe janji ade yg paham kalu x tanyela saye ye~ esok aku akn balek umah and erhlich gesagt, i think that i might be able to tell my mom the truth about how i feel while staying here. IT SUCKS!!!! i just don't think that i can be dat good girl that everyone always think. i'm so not that type of girl. HELL IT SUCKS!!! stuff that i thought would be my most greatest time actually disappointed me more than i can think of. lately STRESS had gone in me, it had absorbed every single happiness in me... though i thought that i might collapsed one day but till that day come i'll just keep showing this faking so called "FACE"!



Bubble gum brainiac
Baby girl, ultra brat
Angst Schmangst
No thanks
Hope my record doesnt tank
Sailor moon, Rainbow brite
Anime,Avril lite
Pro tools all the way

Dont try to label me hypocrite
Cause I will do what I want to
Some will say that I'm counterfeit
But I will be who I want to

Candy floss, antipop
Star search, lollipop
Manufactured skate punk
Wanna be, never was
Nerd, geek, super freak
I'm a movie of the week
Daddy's girl, teacher's pet


Don't try to label me hypocrite...
I will do what I want to...


Some will look at me and vomit
But I will look how i want to
Some will hear me and not get it
But I will say what I want to

Don't try to label me hypocrite...
I will do what I want to... 

nie budak2 2AM... downgnye songs bnyk giler yg best.. mcm kembar downg gak 2PM....

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