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Monday, May 24, 2010

난 큰소리로 당장 말할 수있는 !

 i know you gonna get shock if you ever read this. Yes i do like you, still i am not hoping for any further relationship coz for me it is already enough to be able to live and to breathe with the same air as you. Sometimes we might even ate or step at the same place. So that is why, being your fan is already enough. Your friends did tell me that i wouldn't really stand a chance coz there is someone in your very beautiful heart so i'll support you from behind. Don't wait till someone else got her okay... Need to say this before i end this semester just like that. sorry for saying that you might not be a straight guy, it is just you look so gorgeous, shining through the light.Even boys would fall for that flawless figure. I still see you though the sun is shining to the highest. You sparkle all the way long... It hurts sometime to see someone as beautiful, charming and cute guy like you heeee~ I'm quite an anime kind of girl right? heee~ Imagining stuff that can only appear if you are in an anime. But still you ought to know how exactly i see you with my eyes. It is true i couldn't see you everyday but it is already good to see you once in a while. Honestly we might be awkward, when you finally read this, but i hope friends are always friends. Never to wish to meet someone like you before, so when i meet you it is as if GOD is giving me a chance to finally see someone to look up to. I'm being very timid right now coz i'm afraid if you're gonna make fun of me, like other guy... In high-school there were 3 guys heee~ I'm so easy to fall in with someone huh? Not really , the 1st guy was in form 1, the 2nd was in form 2 until form 4, and it ended at the 3rd guy in form 5. But when they found out, well i'm quite the laughing stock for them. Since then no more... Boys are no longer needed! heee~ Till i saw you during the Orientation week. That was a surprise, the best ever! I was actually thinking about a guy who can play with the Computer better than me.. There are totally a lot of such guys but, you seems to love movies a lot too. You know where to go.. & you are also from a place where i imagine end up being. Though they say that you are a bit 'rude' with your words, that is nothing to compare to my other friends. I do got a lot of teasing, but it is total fine, coz they are all my good friends. I love to be around guys coz they do what they want, and say what they like, girls are also like this, it is just that i don't like it when we are in shopping complex. Such interest doesn't go well with me, maybe because i was raised to be a person who doesn't really care much for fashion. But if you ask me about the latest comic and gadget, i think i can answer you correctly. Not to mention that my passion for musics, comics and movies are over welcoming me huuu~ Oh this is too long! I didn't realised it, okay bye... need to do my Homework. Wish me Luck for my B1 Examinations... See you!

p.s: hate that you are just the same as the other.... bye~ 

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