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Thursday, April 22, 2010

X NAK!!!

what ever that might happen after this is already not in my concerns. you can say, do or even die by yourself. i don't even have a slightest thought of thinking about it. you are just no longer a friend since they say that friends are people who would never put you down. friends are people who understand and care of what you might felt, it is no longer would effect me. for those who might think that they are actually innocent, well you might be wrong. i might be so happy yet deep in this very fat-filled heart it might get as ugly as it could. i don't want any thing to do with your life, your so called life. my life is well enough for me to enjoy, and nothing you can do about it. and if you try to bug into my life again, i'll definitely will destroy yours. and yes it would be involving your boyfriend and you family, esp. your mother. i wonder what she might say when she knows everything that you'd hide from her. i can do that in a split second. so stop bug into my life since i don't bug into yours...BITCH, Just Take Yourself To HELL if you ever bug into my life again!!!

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