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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

when people laugh i cried...

i dunno whether what i'm about to say are going to change anything or perhaps even hurt anyone cuz honestly i dun care anymore whether some one is going to get hurt or not. no one cares, so why do i have to?
anyway, these days makes me realized that no one actually truly honest and no one is really have the heart to be one. sumtimes i wished that i'd never knew these people. but the reality is i knew. and that is what we called as destiny. i accepted it with a very welcoming, understanding heart, but you see when they started to stab your back then you really realized that they never respect for who you really are. they only know how to make jokes but those jokes are just pathetic jokes! even standard one kid knows that... what fat is ugly? hey are you an idiot? if you feel that fat is ugly then speak to yourself man! i love myself, and my other friends told me that being big are just me being me! i dun hate thin people though cuz all of my siblings, all 4 of them are thin! but you see being big means i have the confidence to be different! at least i dun wear small attire that would really look ugly on me! i know my place, and i have my own taste. they told me not to bothered their life then why are they bothering mine? listening to kpop is problem for them? i finished every work that i was supposed to, and even i'd slept in the class well at least i'm still at a good marks. i dun think my parent are disappointed with me. if they think that they are so great! do tell me, do your parent know what you do behind them? i dun think so! see i'm bothering your life since you bothered mine! wanna know sumthin my parent both knows what i do infront and also what did i do behind them. and let me tell you dis! i'm proud to call myself a daddy's and mommy's girl! they both love me! and i dun need to 'kipas2' anyone to be their favourite 'child' excused moi! i dun have to be that desperate, and you know what, i dun need any elder brother or sister to have my life the way i want it! i already have people such as my oneesan to give me a full support as a big sister for me! please dun be so sleazy biatch! when you know the true colors of the people surround you, then you realised that it is too late kayh!!! ONE MORE THING BIACTH2 i dun think we'll ever be close friends cuz EVEN if i am forced to, I'll say SORRY. they are absolutely never gonna be on my list!!! SORRY BIATCH!!!

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