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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Four days had gone by.

I am such a tragic girl. I still want to hear his voice singing the song that he made. I want to be there being in-awkward when I meet him. I reply him every time he posts and it looks so damn stupid. But I want to do all I can just to be there for him. Although I told myself to never look at him as I did before but at least I could just support him in anything he do. He'll be a great person and I'm sure of that. He'll be the best husband and I know his future wife will agree with me. It is just that I wish before he become someone else possession, he would make me as his. Though I have to share him, I want him not ever to share me with anyone. Even if we never meant to be together forever, at least just for a moment in time I know that I was his. I'm such a pathetic being right?
Except that I am still in love with him, still I block him away. It's my final way to forget everything about him. Next time I see him, he will just be someone who is a good dancer and work his ass of to be a celebrity. That is it and I won't look at him as a man as I am now. This sound so perfect with B1A4's song that plays now. 둘만 있으면 (바로 Solo) (feat. 민 of miss A). And so I'm not gonna think about him as what I used to. It is the end. My 2nd one sided-love ends the same way as the 1st one. Thus the conclusion would be... no more falling in love, stead be as expensive as I can. Let no one stops me from being the best. I'm going to change everything and from this day on... 17/3/2012 me, Wan Nor Izzati the daughter of Mr. Wan Mohd Bashar will be a new person who is better and brighter. Enough with heart break.

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