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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This time it sound so right!

Yeah, I'm not lying. I hate it here. When everything is done by me, then why do they come here anyway? Once said if people only look at us at work means they have high expectations for us. But what does that means when I got to do everything? For me it is clear, I'm a slave. Slave for everyone! They are some selfish untouchable, sarcastic idiot human being! I hate it! Got it! No matter who you are I hate it! I'm starving to death, not been able to buy my own food because my calculation went wrong. You thought what? I'd pay your meal and your needs like I'm your father? SHUT UP! GTH NOW! I'm sick of it. People say it is wasting time to even mention such thing but YOU started it first, now feel it! I know YOU read this my beloved classmates~ so this is it! There are no such thing as respect! This is all bullshit talking about being honest and faithful to each other. Go To that Dungeon with YOUR big ugly heart! I don't care! I'm fed-up! I hate it! I hate it! I don't care what are YOU going to say, I don't care get it??! 
Mom, I know I promise to be good to them, but it is no longer possible! Nope! NEVER! How should I pay for that PICC this Saturday? I have none! I couldn't possibly asked you, to bank in some. It is too late. Bare the shame with me mom. I only got our family and no matter what I do, I love YOU. Mom, Dad I'm sick of this rotten place! It's disgusting living with such hippocratic! Your daughter is done with all this. She is only going to live her way~ No more helping, no more 
Fine, I used Your BB, drink Your H2O, eat some of Your food. Good I'll pay by this coming holiday, so that can just please leave me and my life alone? DO NOT TRY TO CONTROL ME ANYMORE! I'm a Human for GOD sake! 

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