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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This sounds totally wrong!

I'm not going. Yup I'm not. My mom probably the happiest person if she read this. My classmates would be numbered after her. They'll be in joy coz I'm not going to see him. Yes it is true MyB2uTy, our boys are coming and one of your dearest sister is not going. It is all because of my greater love towards my family and classmates. SIGH. That is the only thing I could do. Honestly Mr Khoo Seng Chen, founder of AvAiL says, if we want it, we will strive to get it by means ; Success is not a possibility, failure must have reasons behind it. I don't know how to describe my feeling at all. Feeling of betrayal? loneliness? That is out of the questions. I wanted to be there for them, as much they wanted to be there for me. In this sort of beautiful relations I choose to go away and live my own way. But I can't disregard my parent whom have cared and loved me for so many years. Once said, if your mother says no, then it's a no. Yes it is a no, I know that. But can just one person comfort me? Telling me that I'll see them next year HAHAHA funny. If this year the reason is wasting time and money, I wonder what come next? Would they say that would make U like stupid for cheering someone who doesn't even know U. Well U cheer for football teams, badminton teams, local singers and even American Idols. How is that different than BEAST. I'm not asking a penny to go, but only a permission to go. No more lying, no more scolding. I hate it. U might not know this but U act like U know. That is why I hate most of U right now. 
They say everyone has their own life. U choose what U want, except my choice is negotiable. If it's ease U, I'll have it, if not I'll have only pain. Pain from wanting and craving. New LG is out of the limit, well a brand new else is okay huh? Why is it so hard to do such thing that requires rebellion and anger? Why is it so simple for them? Why me?

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