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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiction or Fact but they have done it once again!

I took pieces of news from Koreaboo, Kpopstar

1. Tonight was another explosive music show packed with long-awaited comeback stages and performances by today's biggest artists. This evening, BEAST went head to head with FT Island and Baek Jiyoung, and it was BEAST who edged out the fierce competition as tonight's victor. 
This win seals the triple crown for the boys of BEAST! Member Hyunseung celebrated by rolling around on the ground and screaming in the confetti after they claimed victory.

2. The chosen hot stages for tonight are Beast and BAek Jiyoung with Beast performing “On Rainy Days” and also their title song “Fiction”. Last week, the group had released their album “fiction and fact” and marked as a great hit from all of their fans. Baek Jiyoung on the other hand performed her title song“Average” coming from her 8th studio album and she also did not fail show her great vocals for her performance tonight. There are also other performances that include Jang Jaein, X-5, B1A4, Eru, Norazo, Jewelry, After School, Rainbow, A PINK, Lim Jeonghee, Brave Girls, and f(x).
As we all know, the last week’s winner is the girl group f(x) that had already won and reached their triple crown for their title song “Pinocchio (Danger)”. For tonight’s top two singers, Beast and Im Jaebom had competed for the K-chart of the show. Beast had won this time with their “Fiction” and also performed an encore of “On Rainy Days” as they had re-enacted Jang Woohyuk’s “The Day Time Stood Still” choreography. This is the second win of the group as they had received their first on Mnet M! Countdown win last night for “Fiction.” Congratulations to BEAST and we hope for them to reach the triple crown that they are wishing for!

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