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Sunday, September 19, 2010

They are coming down to Malaysia!!!!

I know I sound stupid after all of my tantrums about them but~ I just can't help the fact that I am too much in love with them!!! JYJ are coming to M'sia and I am so dying to see them once again!!! Oh My God~!!! Bless me please, this time to go and meet them~ It's a one life time chance for me to see them~ I might be crazy but I am too excited and I don't know how to express this. I am so happy and I will go no matter what the obstacles are! haaa~ Still I wish that I could for the 350 one~ huuu~ Can't wait to see you guys!!! JYJ!!!

But now I am so frustrated as there are so many events in Oktober!!! I got SBE, KRS camping and we also got MUET~ So damn busy~ There will be ein deutsher Abend a.k.a German Evening... I don't know what to do~ Too many thing happening at the same time~ MKI are still on the line~ Malam Tautan Budaya are also on the way~ ARGHHHHH what to do???
Okay here are the dates~
1) 20-23/10 MKI
2) Unknwon date-Malam Tautan Budaya
3) 4-8/10 SBE
4) 13-15/10 Camping
5) 16/10 JYJ Fan Meet
6) Unknown date-MUET
7) Also unknown date-German Evening
And so that will the end of my Oktober with lots to feel, to say and to live~!


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