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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Whole Life Lately...

Dearest People of My Life,
While reading this letter of mine, do hear these songs: They explain everything beautifully...
1) Because Tomorrow Comes (Tohoshinki)
2) Take Care Of My Girlfriend - Say No (BEAST)
3) Triangle (TVXQ feat TRAX & Boa)
4) Thank You (2PM)

Let us start the journey of a girl that love to call herself a boy~ Wan Nor Izzati Bte Wan Mohd Bashar a.k.a Izzat Wan ( Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Me2Day, and Blogspot )

I was born on 6th June 1990, at 7.35pm, in a Hospital called Mentakab Big Hospital. I am the first one who came to life and how I wish I was the second, third or fourth one. My father owns a Farm that is full with Goats, Cows, Fishes and also Palm Trees. My Mother is a Teacher at a primary school in the area... I was in a school called SKST ( Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Tekam) and there I found my light as one of the brighter Kids. I got 5A's and I was the Vice President for the school Prefects~ Nice huh? Kind of. I got 28 most memorable Friends, then I move to SBPITEM, there I was put in a 31 amount of students, these people will be learning German. I was the vice-class rep~ Hardships and Pains bring me nothing but tears. Living with 8 seniors, and 5 juniors like myself... 14 of us together for 1 whole year. My high school life aren't that beautiful for me to tell, coz it cause me tears more than joy~ I got no one to call my BFF~ during my senior year there were 21 of us. 14 boys, 7 girls.. Crazy huh... tell me about it. A lot had happened and trust me no one remembers it better than me, I was caught in so many situations where I myself hate this very living thing called "joit". Yup that is my nickname during those five years. These 20 people whom I called FRIENDS were actually good friends. But you see I seems to lost all memories of us having fun. The only that stay are those hard, teary, painful memories. There were Izza, Kero, Tahirah, Najwa, Fifiey & Nad... Those are the girls. There were also G-deen, Nabil, Wafiey, Afiz, Mat, Ehsan, Akem, Acap, Yout, Faidhi, Zarif, Nazwan, Arief and Zaq... see I remember their names... but not our memories...~T_T~ But there were people who made it beautiful... Bonda Asmak, Neechan, Kak Wan, Kak Moon, Kak Lina, Kak Pai, Kak Jibah, my roomate- Yana, Sheeda, Hani Fiqa, Kema, T-ka, Honey, Jibun, and many more. I got myself a little sister and her name is Mira... how I miss that girl! She's the best junior ever!!! There were also juniors whom I think great and amazing. I left their name behind since they are more important to be hidden than to be stated here.
I got 7A's in PMR and 5A'sin SPM and I choose to go to KMPP where I once again meet very very new friends and to tell you the truth... I can't seem to remember everyone's name. So sorry.. It was not on purpose but I think I got Short Term Memory kind of problems. For 1 year I spent my time there, and it was amazing more than anything. I love being there, I was free of tears, there were still but not as much as in SBPITEM. Cause I do cry almost everyday in that school. My mom said I wasted 1 great year there. But it was amazing for me to have such thing. I am proud to call myself a KMPP student. huuu though I got only 2.83 but still love it! Then on 13th July 2009 I was admitted to my current life IPG KBA. And to tell you the truth, I love it here. I got 7 great caring sisters and 3 annoying yet fun brothers, and three amazing teachers. The reason why I didn't talk bout my teachers during my High school and KMPP years are actually because there are too many of them~ Though I remember them.
My first crush? It was my cousin! Well in primary there was this boy name Qayyum but then he moved, then in high school there were several names that I liked. They all already knew bout these stupid crushes of mine.. 2 from my classroom Thinker, 1 from Perfect and 1 from Intelligent. And that was all until I knew this one guy... who came from SEMSAS wearing jersey no. 5. We exchange phone no. and became friends and the rest are history. We still are friends but I gave him too much pain that I can't even seek forgiveness for... Then the was this senior of mine, until this August 2010. Only till then... no more, it was settled by one more feeling toward my KPOP boys. Oh yes I haven't told you bout these KPOP boys of mine. It started in year 2007 where we were done with SPM and I know one great love of mine. TVXQ!, DBSK, TOHOSHINKI, or TVFXQ are all the same thing for this one group, consist of 5 hot, gorgeous most incredible boys ever seen. Xiah Junsu, Here Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin. They are mezmerizing and most important they mend my broken heart well. Since then I started to know and love them as if I have been living with them the rest of my life. 3 years has passed, and I have known them as is I have been knowing them since they were born. But now they left me with just a little more hope, since they were filled with tragedy and abusing news. I do fall with another one group called 2PM but they are not as when I was with TVXQ!
And now I must say, I am not satisfied with my life... I want to have more adventure, and I will have more. I will fly to Germany to have my Master and then to Korea to meet and feel how does it really feels to be live in that country! I will make all my life worthed and I will no longer wait to fall in love because I am supposedly in love! And so I will pursue to fall in love with Him, Allah Almighty. Then I will eventually fall with his creation call man~ Wish me luck on the second one. I know I have been such a burden yo many people but still I want to be a good one to pay all of your good deeds~
Lastly, to my dearest people whom I love and care, do take a good care of yourself and never give up!!!

Izzat Wan

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