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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I might not be able to go to JYJ Fanmeeting in MidValley~ T_T

When I think about how much it cost, I keep on thinking how much I could save~ then I keep on thinking on how I could spend the money in another way around.... Hoping that someday they will come to Malaysia again, again then I can finally meet them with my own money instead of my parent's money. I join a contest in FACEBOOK~ but still I'm a girl who is usually without luck~ I write this on my page...
Where-Kpop-is-all-about-Power-of-Nine/108499235875429 like page nie pastu like comment saye kat page nie... cri nme izzat wan... 
huuu seems pathetic right? But what can I do? I love them so much~ But I just can't seem to meet them~ I don't know what else to do~ T_T GOD I'm frustrated~ I thought of meeting them each time I know they are coming to Malaysia, Singapore yet Thailand but I am never that brave enough!~The only thing that I do was pouring all my feeling here in this blog of mine~ hmm thanks to my friend I can feel how I am so lucky to have them~ Tq guys for all of your support~ I really am appreciating it~ love ya!

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