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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I choose to write this to tell you how much I miss you~

I was so concerned about what you might say when you read all of this writing of mine. I meant it so deep that sometimes I'd cried when I read them once more. But it means nothing to you right? Well I hope that I didn't hurt or my lack of sense brake down your pride or something. You were right, you can't live without love, but you choose to let go of love when it started to get deep and strong. We were so close to be as one item but you let this hand go and tell me to let go~ Fine I let you go, but then you come back to me as if you never hurt me before? Why do you have to say something like " Hey I really am missing you, can't we just be friend again?" What the???! Am I that worthless? I told my peeps that I don't need any love since I am so in love with you but, then, I never really fond love while loving you~ Do you understand me when you read these? No right.. How can you understand, you are so busy with your daily life, that you tend to overlook where I am. I am yes the most unimportant thing for you, but you are the only thing that matters to me. I got the right thing when I fall in love with you but now the only thing left is pain~ I hate you for doing this to me but I miss you!!! I really am in love with you and it hurts cause I can't sleep at night thinking how am I supposed to tell you this very deep mind of mine. But hell! I choose to let it go~ So I am letting you go, my most lovely, dearly lover....
You, the one with the name of love, friendship and togetherness...
Now I will only love you, the new you... and this will always remains in me... JYJ Hwaiting!!!!

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