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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I find it hard to just looking at you and do nothing...

I watch how she became from one joyful girl into a depressed unify human~ I hope that one day her beloved friends could realized how things that they do hurt her... they might just think that she is always happy and cheerful, but as for me, the one who saw her tears couldn't really say the same thing. I knew what actually happen when she saw their profile and things got worse because of that. She is as soft as Rose and as hard as Rock... And that is why her friends should be more attentive to her, as she to them.. Whenever she has a problem, she kept it quiet, and that really broke my heart... I didn't want to mess with her friends, as I am also a friend of them but... What they did was not harsh but in a silent thief... I could tell her to stop looking at their profile but I can't possibly stop her from thinking of them. They don't really know the truth and yes it is not fair for them, but what I want is just her to be the same girl or even a better girl than before... She just can't live without them.. And this other girl should lessen her post and be considerate of others... You know them not more than 4 month, but you're acting as if they have been your ten years friend... Bullshit! I know it is important to be friendly and at the same time the feeling of needed make us greedy, but you see stop hurting my little sister...! And yes her friends... Please know that you always hurt her.. A lot of time has been done, and yet she pretends that nothing happens! She might be happy with it but not me! Not when I know what does that effect her in the future. To whoever that might read this and got hit by it, I'm sorry... I can't do it anymore.. I need my sister back!

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