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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't want to know when can I go into heart~ what I want to know is...

He is my current obsess, but still I love you Mr. Sanz

How can I go into your heart... Wish that I know, I don't know when to stop thinking about you and your silly heart~ I wish that I knew a way that can make 100% sure that I am in your heart~ You never seems to care whether I can be there or not...Mr. Sanz I hope you can see that I really am in love with you~ Though it seems stupid to admit such thing, I cannot help the fact that I am so stupid to be in love with you when you only see me as a "friend". A friend that only came in handy when she wanted to talk to you~ You know now how to avoid me and yes it does hurt the very deep of me... I wish I can say I am one idiot girl who love a boy who doesn't see her as she is~ Maybe I should just scream at you the very truth of this painful love~ Why can you see me? I am right in font of you~ I wanted to stop falling for you... I want to stop searching for your name in Facebook, I want to stop reading your post... I want to stop open your pictures... Please GOD help me... In this very month, this holy fasting month, help me to love him~ It is never sufficient for me to be his "friend". So my last words are "I hate being in love with someone who know I'm in love with him"

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