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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I choose to say 'NO'

I know this is wrong, still I wish that they could just move on with it~ 
I really hate it when people say 'you need to be careful, when you make problems with me then everything will change' Don't they think that it goes the same way when they make problems with me...
Am I that easy, that people sometime think I am so that not worthed?
Well let me tell you all something, when I make problems or involve in one, I don't go and pretends that nothing happen! I don't go around and throw tantrums! I hide and cry by myself! That is exactly what I do~ When people ask me what is wrong, I tell them the truth and I say nothing but the truth! 
You all acted as if the only one affected is me, no you all won't get~ All of us affected by it, no matter how you think it wouldn't! I told myself that I can just ask forgiveness and let it go~ Well it seems like you all think that I'm being irrational out of no where huh? Well let see, I am immature but even though I'm immature, still I don't make such stupid unreasonable decision by saying things change~
Things won't change unless if we said that things change, got it! I called my precious still you all acted as if I am only a girl who doesn't care about anything else accept for herself!
I choose to say NO and you force me to say YES! WTH I don't need people who force me do something just because he/ she is older or powerful! I got my own reason still, my reasons are what? IRRATIONAL!!! huh f#*$ 0ff! I do what I know is best for me, and you don't have any right of saying it's wrong! I hate it, I'm sick of it when people force me to do such things which are really goes wrong beyond my principle! 
So this is it, I choose what I want, and I let go what I don't want! Get it! Now F#*$ OFF!!!   
I CHOOSE TO SAY "NO"!!!!??? #$&^*@%^&!(&^)

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