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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The new drama that comes right after It started with a kiss & they kiss again~

Complete List of Mischievous Kiss’ Cast

Posted on 26. Jul, 2010 by rose1363 in Drama/MovieTV
Aren’t you excited seeing the above picture from Mischievous Kiss shooting set?  Of course, the anticipation for the upcoming idol drama will keep rising until its actual airing in the coming September.
For fans of Mischievous Kiss drama, KPOPLIVE would like to provide an update of the full cast for this drama. For comparison, the left pictures will be the Korean drama cast, the middle will be the animation version and the pictures on the right are the cast for the Taiwanese drama version.
Starting from the main leads, we all know that SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong will play the role of an almost perfect guy called Baek SeungJo.
The main actress is Jung SoMin who will act as Oh HaNi. This drama will be her second after her debut in Bad Guy drama.
Actor Lee TaeSang will be Bong JoonGu, who is the rival of Baek SeungJo and the loyal lover of Oh HaNi. Despite his various nicknames, such as dunce, last place school-wide and powerful Kyungsang-do man, he is actually a man with many charms. He will show his undying love to HaNi but she has a huge crush on SeungJo. Lee TaeSung, who was actually an ex-baseball player, is planning on delivering laughter and romance to viewers with his random, but passionate love for HaNi.
Jang AhYoung, who previously acted in Take Care of The Young Lady, will bring a similar character as the person who is jealous of the lead actress. Going with the name Hong JangMi, she is envious of HaNi’s crush on SeungJo and makes her fall into poverty.
Even though it is still unconfirmed, more than likely Lee SiYoung will act as Yoon HaeRa who will appear at the latter half of the drama. She will cause a rectangular relationship between SeungJo, HaNi, JoonGu and herself.
If you have watched Princess Hour, or known as Goong drama, you may remember Kang NamGil. Once again, he will play the father character of the lead actress.
SeungJo’s father will be acted by Oh KyungSoo.
After a year, actress Jang HyeYoung will make a comeback with a bubbly character who tries to matchmake SeungJo and HaNi. She will be SeungJo’s mother with the name Hwang GeunHee.
The arrogant younger brother of SeungJo will be played by the child actor Choi WonHong with the name of Baek EunJo.
HaNi has two best friends who are as clueless as her when it comes to study. The first friend is Dok GoMin that will be played by Yoon SeungAh.
Meanwhile, Hong YoonHwa will be the second friend with the name Jung JuRi.
HaNi’s teacher will be played by Hwang HyoEun.
While SeungJo’s teacher will be played by Song YongSik (Kang Doo).
Mischievous Kiss will air on September 1st at 9:55 pm (KST) every Wednesday and Thursday.
So what do you think about the cast? Do you think they fit the characters well?
SourceKim Yoon Gyum Myung Sin,

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