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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He's for waiting her~ well I'm waiting for him~ hmmm does it make any sense~?

I know this sound stupid but I need to tell the truth that I am still waiting for him~ It is quite different that I fell for a guy who is so far away from me~ I might not be right but the guy that I'm in love with is very much different than me~ 
1) He is so adorable that many people love him~
2) Everyone praised his work cause his works ARE great!
3) I do think that he doesn't knows but if he do knows, well that would be JUST great!
4) I wanted to believe that I have stop liking him~ But it is too impossible to do so since he is always there talking, walking, running and staying around me~
5) I hope that I can say that I really like him but you see he's in love and I know I will never have any chance of being with him since his love to the very lucky girl is so strong~
6) I thought of admiring him only, only just to admire but it is so impossible to be in that way since it hurts whenever he talks or writes about the girl that he love~
7) From what he wrote I think I know that they were once in a relationship. A very deep relationship but it is so hard to say no to him~
8) I'm so afraid to say or order him to do stuff cause I just hope that I can do the WORK properly with his guidance~
9) GOD, I really pray that this would be the last time I fall in love and the last time I let go... 
10) I will remember you always in my mind, and you will be the most memorable memory of me while staying here in IPG KBA...~

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