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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tweet and pics of Yoseobie's new solo album, produced by Joker himself!

Yong PD!!! Yeoseobieeeeeee! ♥
@cubeunited 잠시 후, '프로듀서 용준형'의 더욱 짙어진 이야기를 만나볼 수 있는 밤이 시작됩니다. 프로듀서로서 고민해 온 여러 밤낮의 흔적들. 같이 기다려볼까요?
[TRANS] @cubeunited In a bit, the night you can learn more about Producer Yong Junhyung's deeper story begins. The evidences of his hard work as a producer embedded in the many nights. Shall we wait together?

Prepix tweet.
[TRANS] @Prepix: Prepix Yang Yoseob solo album choreography.. We already took the video~ Please anticipate a special choreography~ It will be released in awhile! Yoseob is daebak Yoseob is a daebak man Yoseob is daebak

Papa Hong's tweet.
@hongcube 제가믿고알아봤던, 그리고 세계가 눈여겨 보게될. 그의프로듀싱능력.이제여러분께서판단해주십시오
[TRANS] @hongcube: I believe what I know and what I've seen, and the world will use its eyes to see. His producing skills. Now everyone shall judge too, please.
cr: precious_jh
 JunHyung twitter update "I think I can finally have you guys listen to the songs I have been working very hard for long time. Here is the album track list pic"
1) Look At Me Now
2) Caffeine
3) Do As You Been Doing
4) But For Me
) You Don’t Know
(trans:B2STLYTWEETS,via _yongism)

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