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Monday, November 5, 2012

Me from another planet.

In this planet that I'm staying is so different than what used to be in mine. Here people can do whatever they want, can say whatever they think it's right. I'm totally an alien, come so different and it feels so bad that I want to end this journey. I wish that I can live in my own beloved planet where everyone knows each other, accept each other and lives by their own principle but still respect others. But no, here I need let everyone do what they want, and I can only whisper to myself that it is wrong. I can't let it out loud because it will definitely be a talking trash in the future. I'm learning to teach their future generations about what right and wrong, yet they doesn't seem to care about what right or wrong. All that matters to them is that they get what they want regardless which way. I wish that my mom told me about this world. I'm so afraid of staying in it now. I want to go out of it, so that I can be safe and confident again to live with my head held high. They will say no whatever I do, and will laugh and makes jokes afterwards. Do they really need to see the aftermath before they can choose to do right stead of wrong?
I personally hate this world. I hate it so much for causing me to feel so bad about myself.

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