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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beast 1st Japanese Full Album!!!! So BEAST!

Yes they have been there!!! Love all new Tracks!!! I know I sound so late since it was released last five days (11/08/11) but still! I love them! The songs are tremendously great as always! Can't wait for the Fiction Jap Ver. MV to come out this 18th! Junhyung although Hara owns you but I still love you keke...

And this 19th, MYB2UTY will be having our next gathering for Buka Puasa. So happy! I'm gonna see him again~ hmm happy puasa! since lots of you know.. I love Puasa time! hearing this from me is not weird huh...

hmm wait what to do when you realised that you like someone but it seems impossible to be with him or her? Well the correct answer would be "just go and tell" or "be brave" or "He/She might like you too" but if it's the other way? hmm I don't know! I'm not that brave anymore, since my past experience doesn't look so beautiful.

Well I got a pic of myself and here it is!

me and my new sweater!!! Gift from my Adenin!

hehehe... it seems like forever that I post my picture here, 0h well not so beautiful girl I am.. that's why. here is one present from my other two friends

His name is Ninjun! See He's wearing my sweater tO0!

I'm going to be so happy if BEAST come again! hehe! that Ninjun will tO0!

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